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C e n s u s - 1 8 7 1 - P e n n a l

C E N S U S    O F    E N G L A N D    A N D    W A L E S    1 8 7 1
Registration District MachynllethEnumeration District 2 B
Registration Sub-district PennalName of Enumerator, Mr Edward Rowlands
"B Pennal Parish (part of)
The whole Township of Pennal
Upper including Penr hyrn Farm
Maeswer n goch Goedwig and
Pandy r ffrydd and Dovey Bridge

Road, Street
Relation to Head
AgeOccupationWhere bornRef
Year / Piece /
   Folio / Page
1Dovey BridgeRG10/5603/38/1 
Evan LewisHeadM30QuarrymanMerionethPennal  
Cathrine LewisWifeM29 MerionethTalyllyn  
2Dovey Bridge  
John HughesHeadM38Gardner and tollkeeperMontgomeryLlanbrynmair  
Mary HughesWifeM35 MontgomeryCwmllina  
Richard HughesSon 10mth MerionethPontardawe  
Ann JonesSister in lawS22Serv out of plaseMontgomeryCwmlline  
3Dovey Bridge  
Evan PugheHeadM87LabourerMerionethTalyllyn  
Ann PugheWifeM85 MerionethTowyn  
4Dovey Bridge  
Morris BurtonHeadM26QuarrymanMontgomeryLlanidloes  
Ann BurtonWifeM24 MontgomeryDarowen  
Ann BurtonDau 1 MontgomeryMachynlleth  
Sarah MorganBoarder 11 MontgomeryLlanidloes  
5Dovey Bridge  
Ann RowlandHeadWid66formerly a farmerMontgomeryMachynlleth  
6Dovey Bridge  
John RobertsHeadM47Slate quarry manMerionethTowyn  
Jane RobertsWifeM43 MontgomeryMachynlleth  
John RobertsSon 13 MerionethPennal  
Margret RobertsDau 9 MerionethPennal  
Abraham RobertsSon 7 MerionethPennal  
David RobertsSon 5 MerionethPennal  
Fredrick RobertsSon 2 MerionethPennal  
Jane RobertsDau 10mth? MerionethPennal  
7Dovey Bridge  
Jane FilbertHeadWid72Accountant?MontgomeryMachynlleth  
8Dovey Bridge  
Margret EdwardsHeadS28DressmakerMontgomeryLlanwrin  
9Dovey Bridge  
Thomas JonesHeadM54BlacksmithMontgomeryPennal  
Martha JonesWifeM60 MontgomeryMachynlleth  
10Dovey Bridge Bruch ttornRG10/5603/38/2 
John JonesHeadM41Stone cutterCarnavonshire   
Ann JonesWifeM45 GlamorganSwansea  
11Dovey Bridge Bruch ttorn  
Evan EdwardsHeadM68Quarry manMontgomeryMachynlleth  
Ann EdwardsWife 49 MerionethPennal  
Richard WoodBoarderS55LabourerMontgomeryMachynlleth  
12Penthrin Dovey Farm House  
James MeredithHeadM47Farmer of 238 acreCardiganYsgeborycoed  
Ann MeredithWifeM43 CardiganLlanganfelyn  
Richard R MeredithSonS15Farmers sonMerionethPennal  
Jane MeredithDauS14Farmers sonMerionethPennal  
Mary MeredithDauS10ScholarMerionethPennal  
Ann C MeredithDauS7 MerionethPennal  
Susannah MeredithDau 3     
Mary RowlandsVisitor 5VisitorLondon   
Rowland PugheServantS28Farm servantMontgomeryCemmaes  
Evan JonesServantS24Farm servantCardiganLlanfihangel  
Sarah PugheServantS30General servantMontgomeryMachynlleth  
Elizabeth HughesServantS21General servantCardiganYsgeborycoed  
13Cwmyelon Farm House  
John LewisHeadWid48Farmer of 7 acreMerionethPennal  
Elizabeth LewisDauS32HousekeeperMerionethPennal  
John LewisSonS26Quarry manMerionethPennal  
14Bronyr Aer Farm HouseRG10/5603/39/3 
Richard Tibot JonesHeadM45FarmerMontgomeryLlanbrynmair  
Ann JonesWifeM48 MontgomeryMachynlleth  
Richard Tibot JonesSonS15Farmers sonMontgomeryCarno  
Slina Williams  4 MerionethPennal  
Ann DaviesServantS17Farm and house servCaernarvon   
15Maeswern goch Farm House  
William ParryHeadS23FarmerMerionethMallwyd  
Ann ParryMotherWid63Wid farmerMerionethMallwyd  
John ParrySonS25Farmers sonMerionethMallwyd  
Hugh JonesServantM42ServantMerionethMallwyd  
Hannah LewisServantS22ServantMerionethMallwyd  
16Pant Spydded Farm House  
Edward MorganHeadM53Farmer of 250 acreMontgomeryPenegoes  
Martha MorganWifeM38 MontgomeryPenegoes  
Margret MorganDau 9 MontgomeryMachynlleth  
Edward MorganSon 7 MontgomeryDarowen  
Elenor MorganDau 5 MerionethPennal  
Mary Morgan  7mth MerionethPennal  
Evan RobertsServantS30Farm servantMontgomeryDarowen  
Thomas TudorServantS35Farm servantMontgomeryPenegoes  
Mary JonesServantS19ServantMontgomeryLlanywern  
17Bryn du Farm House  
John EdwardsHeadM52Farmer and QuarryMontgomeryMachynlleth  
Mary EdwardsWifeM48 MerionethTalyllyn  
Jane EdwardsDau 10ScholarMontgomeryMachynlleth  
Richard EdwardsSon 9ScholarMontgomeryMachynlleth  
Morgan EdwardsSon 8 MontgomeryMachynlleth  
Cathrine EdwardsDau 4 MerionethTalyllyn  
18Pen Y Pinnen Farm HouseRG10/5603/39/4 
Hugh LloydHeadM44Farmer of 45 acresMerionethPennal  
Mary LloydWifeM32 CardiganYstraid Meurig  
David LloydSon 10 MerionethPennal  
William LloydSon 8 MerionethPennal  
Cathrine LloydDau 7 MerionethPennal  
Hugh LloydSon 4 MerionethPennal  
John LloydSon 2 MerionethPennal  
Elizabeth LloydDau 5mth MerionethPennal  
19Gylligiafach Farm House  
David PughHeadWid47Farmer of 40 acreMerionethPennal  
John PughBrotherS52LabourerMerionethPennal  
Cathrine DaviesServantS29House keeperMontgomeryLlanowisen  
20Gylligian Fawr Farm House  
William JonesHeadS72Farmer of 8 acreMontgomeryLlanywryn  
Margret EdwardsNieceS35House keeperMontgomeryMachynlleth  
Margret HughesServantS21Farm servantMontgomeryMachynlleth  
Davies DaviesServantS15Farm servantCarnavon   
Edward JonesServantS14Farm servantMerionethTalyllyn  
21Esgir Farm House  
Elis JonesHeadM26Farmer of 120 acreMontgomeryLlanbrynmair  
Cathrine JonesWifeM28 MontgomeryLlanwnoy  
John Peller JonesSon 1 MerionethPennal  
Owen OwensServantS15Farm servantNot Known   
Elizabeth RichardsServantS16Farm servantCardiganLlyrast Cwta  
Owen BurtonVisitorM29MasonMontgomeryCarno  
Jane BurtonVisitorM24 MontgomeryLlanbrynmair  
Margret BurtonVisitor 3 MontgomeryLlanbrynmair  
Ema Jones BurtonVisitor 1 MontgomeryLlanbrynmair  
22Esqir ManelieernRG10/5603/40/5 
Late E Col E StewardHeadM63India army retired listScotlandEdinburgh  
Mrs StewardWifeM63 WarwickColehill  
Lewis Prue DaleVisitorS21???MiddlesexBlank Heath  
Elizabeth FrancisServantS25Serv domestic Penlesford  
Margret GriffithServantS23Serv domestic Kinnerley  
Thomas RuardaleServantS23Serv domesticKentGolding  
23Haine Cluidion Farm House  
David JonesHeadM66Farmer of 200 acreMontgomeryMachynlleth  
Elizabeth JonesWifeM63 MerionethPennal  
John JonesSonS37Farmers sonMerionethPennal  
David JonesSonS28Farmers sonMerionethPennal  
David JonesGson 6 MerionethPennal  
David PughNephew 14 MontgomeryMachynlleth  
Ann PettersServantS19Farm servantMerionethTowyn  
Robert PugheVisitorM57ButcherMerionethLlwyngwril  
Robert RobertsWorkmanS22Farm workmanMerionethLlangfihangel  
24Felir Chainlluiaiam Farm House  
Richard OwenHeadM37Farmer of 150 acreCardiganLlanfihangel  
Cathrine OwenWifeM31 MontgomeryMachynlleth  
Elizabeth OwenDau 11 MontgomeryMachynlleth  
Ann OwenDau 9 MerionethPennal  
Owen OwenSon 4 CardiganLlanfihangel  
Cathrine OwenDau 1 CardiganLlanfihangel  
Thomas JonesServantS16Farm servantCardigan   
Evan OwenSon 7Farmers sonCardiganLlanfihangel  
25Pawlperlliogiohaf Farm HouseRG10/5603/40/6 
William HughesHeadM52Farmer of 320 acreMerionethPennal  
Elizabeth HughesWifeM46 MerionethTowyn  
John HughesSonS13ScholarMerionethPennal  
Richard HughesSon 9ScholarMerionethPennal  
Thomas HughesSon 6 MerionethPennalDeaf and dumb 
Elizabeth EllisServantS17General servantMerionethPennal  
John WilliamsServantS24Farm servantMontgomeryLlanywryn  
David HumphreyServantS18Farm servantMontgomeryLlanywryn  
David EdwardsServantS16Farm servantMontgomeryMachynlleth  
26Coln Cadiuud Farm House  
Richard OwenHeadM64FarmerCardigan   
Ann OwenWifeM52 Cardigan   
David OwenSonS22Farmers sonCardigan   
William OwenSonS19Farmers sonMerionethPennal  
Richard OwenSon 12ScholarMerionethPennal  
Humphrey TudorNephew 5 MerionethPennal  
Ann JonesServantS23General servantMontgomeryLlanywryn  
John EvansServantS18Farm servantCardigan   
27Goeidwig Farm House  
Hugh PugheHeadM49Farmer of 40 acreMerionethPennal  
Cathrine PugheWifeM39 MerionethTalyllyn  
Hugh PugheSon 11 MerionethTalyllyn  
Henry Jones PugheSon 9 MerionethPennal  
David PugheSon 4 MerionethPennal  
Robert PugheSon 1 MerionethPennal  
28Dol CottageRG10/5603/41/7 
William PugheHeadM54Ag labourerMerionethTowyn  
Mary PugheWifeM55 MerionethPennal  
Mary PugheDau 12 MontgomeryLlanguryn  
William PugheSon 9 MontgomeryLlanguryn  
29Pantperthog Isaf  
Thomas PugheHeadM55Miller and farmerMerionethPennal  
Ann PugheWifeM50 MerionethPennal  
Richard PugheSonS13 MerionethPennal  
William PugheSon 6 MerionethPennal  
Ann Pughe DaviesDauM17 MerionethPennal  
Ellenor PugheDau 15 MerionethPennal  
Elizabeth PugheDau 11 MerionethPennal  
William DaviesSon in lawM33Agent slate quarryLlandwrogCarnarvon  
William EvansServantS27MillerMontgomeryLlangurig  
Thomas BrasServantS17CarrierMontgomeryLlanbrynmair  
30Pantperthog Isaf  
Jane JonesHeadWid53House carpenterMerionethTowyn  
Lewis JonesSonS26GardenarMerionethDolyverwen Pennal  
31Pantperthog Isaf  
David DaviesLodgerS16Quarry engineerMontgomeryWelshpool  
32Pantperthog Isaf  
William WilliamsLodgerM34Slate makerCarmarthenSanllechly  
33Pantperthog Isaf  
Richard RobertsLodgerS18Quarry manMerionethDyffryn Harlech  
34Pantperthog Isaf  
Lewis WalkerHeadM33Quarry manMontgomeryGlespwll  
Mary WalkerWifeM36 MontgomeryLlanwrin  
Ann WalkerDau 6 MontgomeryLlanwrin  
Mary WalkerDau 3 MerionethPennal  
35Chapel HouseRG10/5603/41/8 
John Perce JonesHeadM18Quarry manCarmarthen   
Jane P JonesWifeM21 MerionethTowyn  
Thomas P JonesSon 4mth MerionethTowyn  
36Puandy Pant  
Frederick RogameyHeadM40GrocerCaernarvon   
Jane RogameyWifeM41 MontgomeryMachynlleth  
37Huda Lodge  
Rodrick OwenHeadM61LabourerMerionethTalyllyn  
Elizabeth OwenWifeM60 MontgomeryLlangwryn  
Geven EdwardsNiece 13 MontgomeryMachynlleth  
38Huda Lodge  
Edward LewisLodgerM22Game keeperShropshireOswestry  
39Abergarfan isaf Farm House  
John GriffithsHeadM71Ag labourerMerionethTalyllyn  
Elizabeth GriffithsWifeM70 MerionethPennal  
Llywelin GriffithsGdau 7 MerionethPennal  
40Abergarfan isaf Farm House  
John EvansHeadM34MasonMontgomeryDarowen  
Jane EvansWifeM28 MerionethPennal  
Elizabeth EvansDau 1 MerionethPennaltwin 
Ann EvansDau 1 MerionethPennaltwin 
Elizabeth EdwardsSisterS20Dress makerMerionethAinas Mawds  
41Abergarfan isaf  
Thomas BreesHeadM50Farmer and slate quarryMerionethAinas Mawds  
Elizabeth BreesWifeM45 MerionethPennal  
Elizth BreesDauS13 MerionethPennal  
John BreesSon 9 MerionethPennal  
Cathren BreesDau 5 MerionethPennal  
42Dolydderwen VilageRG10/5603/42/9 
William WilliamsHeadM52Timber merchantMontgomeryLlanwrin  
Jane WilliamsWifeM47 MerionethBarmouth  
Amelina WilliamsDauS20 MontgomeryLlangwm  
Ellen WilliamsDauS18 MontgomeryLlangwm  
David WilliamsSonS16ScholarMontgomeryMachynlleth  
William R WilliamsSon 11ScholarMontgomeryMachynlleth  
Cathrn J WilliamsDau 5 MontgomeryLlangwm  
David WilliamsFatherWid78Retired farmerMontgomeryMachynlleth  
Evan GriffithsServantS23Farm servantMerionethArthog  
Edward EvansServantS21Farm servantMerionethTalyllyn  
Thomas RobertsServantS17Farm servantMontgomeryCarno  
Eliza MorrishServant 18Servant domesticUnknown   
43Dolydderwen Vilage  
Margret JonesHeadWid62Keeper of houseCardiganLlanfihangel Generglyn  
John JonesSonS18Quarry manMontgomeryMachynlleth  
44Dolydderwen Vilage  
David GriffithsHeadM35Ag labourerMerionethPennal  
Elizth GriffithsWifeM32 CarmarthenLlanllawddog  
David GriffithsSon 3 MerionethPennal  
John GriffithsSon 2 MerionethPennal  
45Pandy R Ffrydd  
James PaulouHeadM49River keeperScotlandKingclaven  
Margret PaulouWifeM42 ScotlandBlairgowrie  
James PaulouSon 7ScholarScotlandAughton Gaven  
Euphemia W PaulouDau 6 ScotlandAughton Gaven  
Alison S PaulouDau 1 MerionethPennal  
Martha PaulouDau 4 ScotlandAughtergaven  
46Turperth HouseRG10/5603/42/10 
Richard JonesHeadWid61Gate keeperMontgomeryCanas  
Jane FrancesNieceS16House keeperMontgomeryCanas  
47Ffrydd Farm House  
Lewis JonesHeadM56FarmerMerionethLlanfihangel  
Jane JonesWifeM55 MontgomeryLlanfihangel  
Lewis JonesSonS22Farmers sonMontgomeryLlanywern  
Mary JonesDauS25Farmers daughterMontgomeryLlanywern  
Elizabeth JonesDauS17Farmers daughterMontgomeryMachynlleth  
William JonesSonS14Farmers sonMontgomeryMachynlleth  
William HerbertServantS30Farm servantCardiganCaron  
Edward DaviesServantS66Farm servantMontgomeryLlanfyllin  
Elizabeth JonesServantM16Farm servantMontgomeryMachynlleth