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C e n s u s - 1 8 9 1 - T o w y n / T o w y n

C E N S U S    O F    E N G L A N D    A N D    W A L E S    1 8 9 1
Registration District MachynllethEnumeration District 4
Registration Sub-district TowynName of Enumerator, Mr William Jones
Description of Boundaries and Contents of Enumeration District
The whole of the Township of Cefnrhosuchaf
Consisting Gogarth and Trefryfach on the South,Bryn-
eithin and Sychnant aon the West, Caenewydd and
Bwlch on the ===== North, Brywinorlo and Glugyrogdu
on the East side.

Road, Street
Relation to Head
AgeOccupationWhere bornRef
Year / Piece /
  Folio / Page
1Bryncithuw Coach HouseRG12/4587/29/1 
Thomas Joseph WatsonHeadM34FarmerYorkshireDoncaster  
Elizabeth WatsonWifeM33 MerionethTowyn  
John Clement WatsonSon 10ScholarMerionethTowyn  
Kate Emily WatsonDau 8ScholarMerionethTowyn  
Fanny WatsonDau 4 MerionethTowyn  
Ellen Clara WatsonDau 2 MerionethTowyn  
Ellis EvansFather in lawWid70Ships carpenterMerionethTowyn  
Goerge AksHeadM42Aerated water makerYorkshireMexborough  
Agnes Annie AksWifeM37 YorkshireDoncaster  
Aldred John AksSon 13ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
Frank Charles AksSon 11ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
Annie Frances AksDau 9ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
George Ace AksSon 7ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
William Hope AksSon 1 MerionethAberdoveyTwin ? 
Maud Agnes AksDau 1 MerionethAberdoveyTwin ? 
Cyril WanklynVisitorS26Stock broker agentHampshireBournemouth  
Jalie Wilson WanklynVisitorS23 HampshireBournemouth  
Raoul Calista HeryBrotherS13ScholarFrance   
Mary Anne GreenServantS16ServantMontgomeryMachynlleth  
Anne JonesServantS14ServantMerionethPennal  
Fanny HurtHeadS72Living on own meansDerbyPennal  
A E GibsonServantS37ServantMiddlesexPennal  
4Trefry Lodge  
John BainsHeadM58GardenerDenbighLlangollen  
Mary BainsWifeM54 MontgomeryMachynlleth  
George Ed BainsSonS17GardenerMerionethTowyn  
Mathew H BainsSonS14 MerionethTowyn  
Mary Elizabeth GriffithesHeadS85Living on own meansShropshireBishops Castle  
Hannah ReesServantS29Cook Dom servMontgomeryLlangurig  
Jane Elizabeth BainsServantS23HousemaidMerionethTowyn  
David ReesHeadM67FarmerMerionethPennal  
Anne ReesWifeM64 MerionethAberdovey  
David JonesHeadM33FarmerMontgomeryMachynlleth  
Margaret JonesWifeM31 MerionethAberdovey  
David Rees JonesSon 6ScholarMerionethAberllafeni  
Margaretta JonesDau 4 MerionethAberllafeni  
Mary Lousia JonesDau 2 MerionethAberllafeni  
Louisa GriffithHeadWid48Living on own meansFrance   
M S GriffithDauS26Living on own meansGlamorganMerthyr  
Anne ReesServantS21Domestic servMerionethTowyn  
David RobertsHeadM37FarmerMontgomeryPenegoes  
Margaret RobertsWifeM32 MontgomeryLlanwrin  
Margaret Emily RobertsDau 8mth MontgomeryLlanwrin  
Meredith JonesServantS14 MerionethPennal  
Margaret EdwardsServantM60 CardiganCaerfelin  
James T NorgateHeadM66Retired General in armySuffolkAshfield  
Edward J B NorgateSonS34 IndiaPunyah  
Mary CharlesServantS33Parlour maidMontgomeryMachynlleth  
Elizabeth DaviesServantS19CookCardiganBorth  
Mary JonesServantS18Kitchen maidMerionethAberdovey  
11Braichycelyn Lodge  
William LewisHeadM65GardenerMerionethAberdovey  
Catherine LewisWifeM60 MerionethAberdovey  
Catherine GriffithsServantS17General ServantMerionethAberdovey  
12Morfabach Railway Ho  
Richard EdwardsHeadM43Railway platelayerMerionethPennal  
Jane EdwardsWifeM48 CardiganLlanfihangel Erudyn  
Thomas EdwardsSonS19SailorMerionethAberdovey  
13Panteidol Stables  
John BevingtonHeadM34Domestic gardenerWarwickChadshunt  
Jane BevingtonWifeM34 MerionethAberdovey  
Annie Maud BevingtonDau 8ScholarStaffordshireBarlaston  
George BevingtonFatherWid66Retired gardenerStaffordshireOn Avon  
Sarah WilliamsHeadM41HousewifeMontgomeryTrefeglwys  
Thomas WilliamsSonS15ScholarMontgomeryLlanwyddelan  
Mary E WilliamsDau 12ScholarMontgomeryCaersws  
Gwylim WilliamsSon 10ScholarMontgomeryCaersws  
Annie WilliamsDau 3 MerionethAberdovey  
Catherine WilliamsDau 1 MerionethAberdovey  
Silvanus JonesHeadM61FarmerMerionethTalyllyn  
Margaret JonesWifeM53 MerionethPennal  
Elizabeth JonesServantS22ServantMerionethTowyn  
Evan JonesSon 14ScholarMerionethTowyn  
Ellen JonesDau 13ScholarMerionethTowyn  
Griffith Rowland JonesSon 11ScholarMerionethTowyn  
Thomas John JonesSon 9ScholarMerionethTowyn  
16Panteidol Hall  
Samuel Barlow WrightHeadS69Living on own meansStaffordshireShelton  
Eliza JamesServantWid62HousekeeperWarwickLutton  
Elizabeth Anne WilliamsServantS19HousemaidShropshireChurch Stretton  
Elizabeth JacksonServantS17KitchenmaidStaffordshireBarlaston  
17Panteidol Hall Lodge  
James BennettHeadM29GardenerShropshireShrewsbury  
Anne BennettWifeM29 MontgomeryMachynlleth  
18Panteidol Hall Farm  
Evan EvansHeadM53FarmerMerionethTowyn  
Martha EvansWifeM50 MontgomeryLlandinam  
Francis Woosnam EvansSon 14Farmers SonMerionethTowyn  
Thomas JonesServant 13Farm servantMerionethTowyn  
19Gogarth Farm  
Isaac MasonHeadM33FarmerCardiganStaylittle  
Mary Anne MasonWifeM31 CardiganBwlchydderwen  
Margaret C MasonDau 8ScholarCardiganWirillan  
Anne Mary MasonSon 1 MerionethTowyn  
Evan WilliamsServant 13Farm LabourerMerionethPennal  
William ReesServantS18Farm LabourerCardiganTalybont  
Jane EvansServantS20Domestic servCardiganTalybont  
20Gogarth HallRG12/4587/30/4 
L James HughesHeadM31FarmerMerionethGogarth  
Ellen HughesWifeM35 MerionethAberdovey  
Catherine Julian HughesDau 7mth MerionethAberdovey  
Edmund WilliamsServantS17Farm ServantMontgomeryCaersws  
Catherine Elizabeth WilliamsServantS17Domestic ServantYorkshirePatty Bridge  
Thomas OwenHeadM53FarmerMerionethLlanegryn  
Elizabeth OwenWifeM53 MerionethPennal  
Humphrey OwenSonS18Farmers SonMerionethPennal  
Mary OwenDauS16Farmers DauMerionethPennal  
Elizabeth OwenDauS14Farmers DauMerionethPennal  
Margaret WoosnamDauM24Farmers DauMerionethCorris  
Mary Elizabeth WoosnamGDau 3wks MerionethAberdovey  
Richard WoosnamSon in lawM25Bricklayers LabourerMontgomeryIsygareg  
Richard JonesServantS14Farm ServantMerionethTowyn  
Sarah WilliamsHeadWid78Retired FarmerMerionethTowyn  
Lewis WilliamsSonS43FarmerMerionethTowyn  
Anne JonesServantS35Domestic ServantMerionethTowyn  
Hugh WilliamsServantS18Farm ServantMontgomeryDarowen  
23Glegyrogdda wen  
Daniel EvansHeadM48FarmerMerionethTowyn  
Elizabeth EvansWifeM50 MontgomeryDarowen  
John EvansSonS25Farmers SonMerionethTowyn  
Margaret EvansDauS23Farmers DauMerionethTowyn  
Hugh Humphrey EvansSonS17Farmers SonMerionethTowyn  
Mary EvansDauS12ScholarMerionethTowyn  
David DaviesHeadM36FarmerCarnarvonBodfaen  
Catherine DaviesWifeM39 CarnarvonBodfaen  
Dd Cadwaladr DaviesSon 6 MerionethTowyn  
Robert William DaviesSon 4 MerionethTowyn  
Mary Catherine DaviesDau 3 MerionethTowyn  
Byddug Gweni DaviesDau 1 MerionethTowyn  
25Breichiaus CaciauRG12/4587/31/5 
David JonesHeadM31FarmerMerionethTowyn  
Martha Frances JonesWifeM35 LlanbrynmairMontana  
Annie Kate JonesDau 1 MerionethTowyn  
Mary Frances JonesDau 1mth MerionethTowyn  
David JonesHeadM35Farmer Gen labCardiganScubury Coed  
Jane JonesWifeM30 MerionethTowyn  
David Lloyd JonesSon 9 MerionethTowyn  
Thomas JonesSon 4 MerionethTowyn  
Mary JonesDau 2 MerionethTowyn  
Thomas James GriffithHeadS36FarmerMerionethTowyn  
Lydia GriffithMotherWid67Living on own meansMerionethTowyn  
Richard Evan GriffithHeadM39FarmerMerionethTowyn  
Mary GriffithWifeM32 CardiganLeanychaiaen  
Lydia Mary GriffithDau 4 MerionethTowyn  
Richard Thomas GriffithSon 1 MerionethTowyn