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C e n s u s - 1 8 9 1 - T o w y n / T o w y n

C E N S U S    O F    E N G L A N D    A N D    W A L E S    1 8 9 1
Registration District MachynllethEnumeration District 5
Registration Sub-district TowynName of Enumerator, Mr Herbert Clayton
Description of Boundaries and Contents of Enumeration District
So much of the Village of Aberdovey that lies to and including
the Western side of Copperhill Street, The Gaswork, Trefeddian,
Crychnaut, Bwlchgwyn, Tyddynyberth, Eriopistill, Penhelig Farm,
Pwllhelig, Tyddynrhysygader, Balkan Hill & Tynewydd.

Road, Street
Relation to Head
AgeOccupationWhere bornRef
Year / Piece /
  Folio / Page
1Gas WorksRG12/4587/35/1 
Samuel G FalkHeadM32Gas engineerLeicesterSherborne  
Emily FalkWifeM30 SomersetMillborne  
Reggie FalkSon 7 SomersetIlminster  
2Gas Works Cottage  
Evan HughesHeadM35General LabourerMerionethTowyn  
Elizabeth HughesWifeM29 CambridgeTaliesin  
Margaret HughesDau 6 CambridgeTaliesin  
John HughesSon 1 MerionethAberdovey  
Ann HughesDau 5mth MerionethAberdovey  
3Railway Crossing  
Samuel EvansHeadM50Railway platelayerMontgomeryLlanevrian  
Margaret EvansWifeM46 South WalesDowlais  
Susie EvansDauS15 MerionethAberdovey  
Hugh EvansSon 4 MerionethAberdovey  
Mary JonesMotherWid74 MontgomeryMachynlleth  
4Ardudovey House  
Abraham WilliamsHeadM55Contractor manShropshireTrefonen  
Elizabeth WilliamsWifeM60 MerionethTowyn  
Edith WilliamsDauS18 MerionethAberdovey  
Sarah WilliamsDauS16 MerionethAberdovey  
 Corbet Armes Hotel  
5Giraigy don  
Isabella J HowellHeadWid56 MontgomeryLlanfaes  
Joseph M HowellSonS29SolicitorMontgomeryMachynlleth  
Francis I HowellDauS28 MontgomeryMachynlleth  
William G HowellSonS24Student of TheologyMontgomeryMachynlleth  
Jane BowenServantS25Cook domestic servMontgomeryLlanerful  
Elizabeth DaviesServantS21Domestic ServantMontgomeryLlanfair  
Kitty ReesServantS19Domestic ServantMontgomeryLlanerful  
Eliza DaviesServantS20Domestic ServantMerionethAberdovey  
Edward HouskaServantS24Coachman Domestic servMontgomeryLlanerful  
61 MoraneddRG12/4587/35/2 
Pryce MorrisHeadM50Railway signal fitterShropshireOswestry  
Elizabeth MorrisWifeM51 LondonSawbeth  
Matthew J CampbellSonS24Classical studentMerionethAberdovey  
William M MorrisSonS18Railway signal fitterMerionethPeumennpool  
Edward T MorrisSonS14 MerionethAberdovey  
Arthur E MorrisSon 12ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
Frank MorrisSon 10ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
Herbert A MorrisSon 7ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
Elizabeth F MorrisDau 4ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
Richard TerryLodgerM39Railway signal fitterCheshireNorth Witham  
Agnes TerryLodger WifeM38  Worcester  
Annie M TerryLodger Dau 9ScholarNottinghamNoth  
Richard W TerryLodger Son 3 GlamorganCardiff  
Ann HumphreysHeadM55LaundressCardiganBorth  
Elizabeth A HumphreysDauS16DressmakerMerionethAberdovey  
81 Bodfor Terrace  
John WilliamsHeadM36SawyerMerionethAinasmawony  
Mary WilliamsWifeM42Lodging house keeperMontgomeryMachynlleth  
David J WilliamsSon 6ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
Mary E VenablesVisitorS73Living on own meansMontgomeryMachynlleth  
92 Bodfor Terrace  
Catherine LewisHeadWid57Lodging house keeperLondonIslington  
Mary A CharlesDauS27DressmakerCardiganLlanllwchaiarn  
Kate CharlesDauS25Servant domesticCardiganAberystruth  
 3 Bodfor Terrace  
104 Bodfor Terrace  
John H JonesHeadM62Timber merchantCaernarvonLlanaelhaiarn  
Catherine H JonesWifeM46 MontgomeryMachynlleth  
Jane LewisServantS24Domestic ServantMerionethAbergynolwyn  
111 Glaudovery Terrace  
Thomas JonesHeadM32Railway carpenterShropshireWhittington  
Charlotte JonesWifeM31 StaffordshireElford  
Sarah JonesDau 6 MerionethAberdovey  
Herbert E JonesSon 3 MerionethAberdovey  
122 Glaudovery TerraceRG12/4587/36/3 
Margaret JonesHeadM42 MerionethAberdovey  
Evan L JonesSon 14ScholarMerionethCorris  
Thomas JonesSon 13ScholarMerionethCorris  
Phillip PryceBoarderS25Wesleyan MinisterDenbighBwlch Gwyn  
 3 Glaudovery Terrace  
144 Tanygraig  
Ann PughHeadWid40Living on own meansMontgomeryLlanfyllin  
Salome OwenServantS39General ServantMerionethLlanelltyd  
155 Glaudovery Terrace  
Richard DaviesHeadM52FishermanMerionethAberdovey  
Rowland T DaviesSonS16FishermanMerionethAberdovey  
Davina J DaviesDau 10ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
George N DaviesSon 6ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
166 Glaudovery Terrace  
Ann BlackHeadWid70Lodging house keeperMontgomeryMachynlleth  
Jane JonesServantS27Servant DomesticMerionethAberdovey  
177 Glaudovery Terrace  
Jane L EvansHeadWid63Living independantMontgomeryLlanfyllyn  
Emily RoweServantS22Servant DomesticKentSheldwich  
188 Glaudovery Terrace  
Sarah NevinsonHeadWid62Lodging house keeperMontgomeryMachynlleth  
Cathrine JonesSisterM69PartnerMontgomeryMachynlleth  
199 Glaudovery Terrace  
John BellHeadM53BoatmanMontgomeryMachynlleth  
Sarah BellWifeM52 MerionethPennal  
Edward R BellSonS15 MerionethAberdovey  
Richard R G BellSon 12ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
Sarah A BellDau 9ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
2010 Glaudovery Terrace  
Mary MorrisHeadWid56Living on own meansMontgomeryLlanfair  
Sarah MorrisDauS21 MerionethAberdovey  
Lawrence RuckLodgerM71Living on own meansKentNewington  
2111 Glaudovery Terrace  
Jane WilliamsHeadM45 MontgomeryLlanbrynmair  
John J WilliamsSon 11ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
Margaret J WilliamsDau 7ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
Emma RichardsServantS18Servant DomesticCardiganEglwys fach  
Anne AshtonVisitorM23 MontgomeryLlanbrynmair  
 12 Glaudovery TerraceRG12/4587/36/4 
2213 Glaudovery Terrace  
Edward DaviesHeadM53Slate stevedoreMerionethAberdovey  
Mary DaviesWifeM48 MontgomeryCarno  
Esther JonesDauS28Domestic ServantMontgomeryCarno  
Idwel DaviesSon 11ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
Mary J DaviesDau 10ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
Rowland DaviesSon 8ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
 14 Glaudovery Terrace  
2315 Glaudovery Terrace  
Annie GriffithHeadS48Living on own meansMerionethCaerberllan Llanfihangel  
Maria EvansServant 26Servant DomesticLondonPaddington  
2416 Glaudovery Terrace  
Ann JamesHeadWid67Living on own meansDenbighLlangollen  
Francis JamesDauS30 MerionethAberdovey  
Elizabeth JamesDauS27 MerionethAberdovey  
 17 Glaudovery Terrace  
2518 Glaudovery Terrace  
William V ThomasHeadM32Patent medicine vendorMerionethHarlech  
Elizabeth V ThomasWifeM26 MerionethAberdovey  
Margaret V ThomasDau 4 MerionethAberdovey  
Thomas W ThomasSon 2 MerionethAberdovey  
Mary RobertsServantS17General ServantMerionethAbergynolwyn  
David SamuelBrotherS35School masterCardiganAberystwyth  
2619 Glaudovery Terrace  
Ellen BellHeadWid58 MerionethBala  
Winifred BellDauS28Postal clerkMerionethAberdovey  
Elizabeth E BellDauS23PostmistressMerionethAberdovey  
Edward BellSonS19Stone masonMerionethAberdovey  
David BellSonS16PostmanMerionethAberdovey  
271+2 Sea View Terrace  
William RowlandHeadWid51ButcherMerionethAberdovey  
Elizabeth EdwardsServantS29Servant DomesticMerionethAberdovey  
283 Sea View Terrace  
Mary BlackwellHeadM52 CardiganBorth  
M E BlackwellDauS27MillenerMerionethAberdovey  
Rebecca BlackwellDauS15 MerionethAberdovey  
294 Sea View TerraceRG12/4587/37/5 
William JonesHeadWid50Corn dealerMerionethTowyn  
Mary JonesDau 10 MerionethAberdovey  
Mary RobertsServantS25Domestic ServantMontgomeryDerwenlas  
305 Sea View Terrace  
Elizabeth EvansHeadWid71 MerionethAberdovey  
John E ReesGSon 15Tailors apprenticeMerionethAberdovey  
Edith E F BrayshawGDau 14 MerionethAberdovey  
316 Sea View Terrace  
David HughesHeadM45Tailor DraperMontgomeryLlanbrymair  
Sarah HughesWifeM45 PembrokeLudchurch  
John D HughesSonS19Drapers assistantMerionethAberdovey  
Sephorah HughesDau 14ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
David Ll HughesSon 10ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
Edwin HughesSon 7ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
Arthur J HughesSon 4ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
Blodwen HughesDau 2 MerionethAberdovey  
Margaret S HumphreysServant 21Domestic ServantCarnarvonRhos Fawr  
 Grocers Shop  
333 Copper Hill St  
Margaret JenkinsHeadWid61FarmeressDenbighLlangollen  
Catherine JenkinsDauS22Farmeress dauMerionethAberdovey  
Sarah M JenkinsDauS19Farmeress dauMerionethAberdovey  
341 Prospect Place  
William LloydHeadWid69Boot dealerMerionethAberdovey  
Robert T LloydSon 6 MerionethAberdovey  
Jane RobertsSisterWid59House keeperMerionethAberdovey  
Jane RobertsDauS24 MerionethAberdovey  
352 Prospect Place  
Elinor DaviesWifeM38 MontgomeryPennal  
Lizzie J DaviesDauS18 MerionethAberdovey  
Susanah DaviesDau 9 MerionethAberdovey  
363 Prospect Place  
Edward MorganHeadM27TailorMontgomeryCaersws  
Elizabeth MorganWifeM27 MontgomeryCemmeas  
George E MorganSon 3 MontgomeryCemmeas  
Olive M MorganDau 1 MerionethAberdovey  
374 Prospect PlaceRG12/4587/37/6 
Elizabeth HarriesHeadM49DressmakerMontgomeryTrefeglwys  
385 Prospect Place  
Mary WilliamsHeadWid52 MontgomeryDinasmawsecy  
William R WilliamsSonS21Enam slate polisherMerionethAberdovey  
Mary EvansGDau 12ScholarMerionethFestiniog  
396 Prospect Place  
Elizabeth HumphreysHeadWid82 MerionethBrynerug  
407 Prospect Place  
Margaret JonesHeadWid75 CardiganLlanfihangel Y Creuddyn  
418 Prospect Place  
Rowland HumphreyHeadS43MarinerMontgomeryTredegar  
Margaret M WilliamsNieceS14 MerionethAberdovey  
Rowland WilliamsNephew 10ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
429 Prospect Place  
John RichardsHeadM44Agricultural LabourerMontgomeryMachynlleth  
Ann RichardsWifeM41BakerMerionethDyffryn  
Jane RichardsDauS18General ServantMerionethDyffryn  
Richard O RichardsSonS17Tailors apprenticeMerionethAberdovey  
John RichardsSon 14Grocers apprenticeMerionethTowyn  
Margaret A RichardsDau 11ScholarMerionethTowyn  
Lizzie W RichardsDau 9ScholarMerionethTowyn  
4310 Prospect Place  
4411 Prospect Place  
Averina JonesHeadWid59LaundressCardiganLlanfihangel Y Creuddyn  
Jennette PughFoster Dau 9ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
454 Copper Hill St  
Will Sarah GriffithWifeM38 CardiganLlanbadarn  
William D GriffithSon 11ScholarCardiganAberystwyth  
 (5 Copper Hill St Grocer Shop)  
Evan JonesHeadM62MinerMontgomeryMachynlleth  
Anne JonesWifeM63 CardiganBorth  
477 Copper Hill St  
John EvansHeadM59Coal merchantMerionethCelynin  
Sarah EvansWifeM53 MerionethLlanegryn  
John EvansSonS21TailorMerionethAberdovey  
488 Copper Hill St  
Ann ReesHeadWid59DressmakerCardiganGlanywern  
John ReesSonS33StevedoreMerionethPennal  
499 Copper Hill St  
William JonesHeadM52Railway shunterMerionethAberdovey  
Mary JonesWifeM52 Carmarthen   
5010 Copper Hill StRG12/4587/38/7 
Thomas M RhysHeadM28GrocerMerionethPennal  
Ellen RhysWifeM27 MerionethTalsarnan  
5111 Copper Hill St  
Sarah J EvansWifeM50 MerionethAberdovey  
Elizabeth J EvansDau 11 MerionethAberdovey  
521 Evans Terrace  
Humphrey RowlandHeadM35Pilot TrinityMerionethCelyuin  
Ann RowlandWifeM27 MerionethTowyn  
Ellen RowlandDau 4 MerionethAberdovey  
Morris RowlandSon 2 MerionethAberdovey  
Margaret RowlandDau 1 MerionethAberdovey  
532 Evans Terrace  
Ellis JonesHeadM79Carpenter ShipMerionethDolgelley  
Elizabeth JonesWifeM80 MerionethDinas Mawdelwy  
543 Evans Terrace  
David JonesHeadM51 MerionethAberdovey  
Ann JonesWifeM43 CardiganGarthely  
Richard ThawesSon 14ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
554 Evans Terrace  
Rowland EvansHeadM49ButcherMerionethAberdovey  
Ellen EvansWifeM47 ShropshireLlanymynech  
Selina M EvansDauS19 MerionethAberdovey  
William R EvansSon 11 MerionethAberdovey  
565 Evans Terrace  
Griffith RichardsHeadM32General LabourerMerionethBryncrag  
Jane RichardsWifeM32 MerionethAberdovey  
Jane EdwardsMotherWid75 MerionethAberdovey  
576 Evans Terrace  
Edward JonesHeadM42JoinerMerionethBryncrag  
Anne JonesWifeM42 MerionethAberdovey  
Jane P JonesDau 12ScholarMerionethDolgelley  
Daniel JonesSon 8ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
William H JonesSon 6ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
Gwen JonesDau 4ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
Mary E JonesDau 2ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
5812 Copper Hill StreetRG12/4587/38/8 
Ann RobertsWifeM50 MontgomeryMachynlleth  
Mary RobertsDauS14 MerionethAberdovey  
Jane RobertsDau 12ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
Ann A RobertsDau 9ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
5913 Copper Hill Street  
Elizabeth JamesWifeM34 MerionethAberdovey  
David JamesSon 6ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
Humphrey JamesSon 5ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
John H JamesSon 2 MerionethAberdovey  
Richard JamesSon 1 MerionethAberdovey  
 14 Copper Hill Street  
6015 Copper Hill Street  
John ReesHeadM25SailorMerionethAberdovey  
Margrette ReesWifeM25 MerionethAberdovey  
Elizabeth ReesDau 4mth MerionethAberdovey  
6116 Copper Hill Street  
John OwenHeadM62JoinerMonmouthNewport  
Gwen OwenWifeM72 MerionethPennal  
6217 Copper Hill Street  
Vincent DaviesHeadM56Grocer IronmongerMerionethAberdovey  
Anne DaviesWifeM55 CardiganAberystwyth  
John DaviesSonS27Grocers assistantMerionethAberdovey  
C E DaviesDauS18 MerionethAberdovey  
 1 Railway Terrace  
 Return made at 6 Grandwey Terrace       
642 Railway Terrace  
Lewis GriffithHeadM35General LabourerMerionethBontddn  
Ann E GriffithWifeM32 MerionethAberdovey  
653 Railway Terrace  
Enoch JamesHeadWid60MarinerCardiganBorth  
664 Railway Terrace  
Cathrine JonesWifeM28 GlamorganPorthcawl  
675 Railway Terrace  
Elizabeth HumphreysWifeM42 CardiganBorth  
Hugh D HumphreysSon 9ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
Elizabeth HumphreysDau 8ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
Annie HumphreysDau 4ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
686 Railway TerraceRG12/4587/39/9 
Phillip EvansHeadM64General LabourerMerionethTowyn  
Jane EvansWifeM54 MerionethTowyn  
Martha EvansDauS21 MerionethTowyn  
697 Railway Terrace  
Hugh FrancisHeadM37General LabourerMerionethTowyn  
Susannah FrancisWifeM38 ShropshireShrewsbury  
Jane FrancisDau 9ScholarMerionethTowyn  
John FrancisSon 6ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
Ann FrancisDau 4 MerionethAberdovey  
Mary FrancisDau 2 MerionethAberdovey  
Susannah FrancisDau 2mth MerionethAberdovey  
 8 Railway Terrace  
7019 Copper Hill Street  
Laura HughesHeadWid66Living on own meansMerionethLlanegryn  
William J HughesSonS34Builders contractorMerionethAberdovey  
Gwen J HumphreysServantS21General ServantMerionethDyffryn  
7120 Copper Hill Street  
Francis JonesHeadM48Labourer GeneralLancashireManchester  
Margeret JonesWifeM47 MerionethPennal  
Joule E FrancisDauS22DressmakerMerionethAberdovey  
 18 Copper Hill Street  
7221 Copper Hill Street  
Cathrine ThomasWifeM32 CardiganAberystwyth  
Mary E EvansNiece 2mth LancashireManchester  
7322 Copper Hill Street  
Ann EdwardsWifeM52 CardiganLlancynfelin  
John EdwardsSonS20Student of theologyCardiganLlancynfelin  
7423 Copper Hill Street  
Edward PayneHeadM54Flour mill LabourerOxfordDeddington  
Susan PayneWifeM52 BevetonMiddle  
Joseph WheelerLodgerWid39Stationary Engine driverWorcester   
7524 Copper Hill Street  
John PriceHeadM62Master marinerMerionethAberdovey  
Mary PriceDauS22DressmakerMerionethAberdovey  
7625 Copper Hill Street  
Averina MorrisWifeM43 CardiganLlanfihangel  
Ellen M MorrisDau 6 MerionethAberdovey  
William MorrisSon 4 MerionethAberdovey  
Jane PryseLodgerS23Farmers DauCardiganLlanfihangel  
7726 Copper Hill StreetRG12/4587/39/10 
Humphrey JonesHeadM62FarmerMerionethPennal  
Sarah JonesWifeM61 MerionethAbertrinaret  
7827 Copper Hill Street  
Margaret G EvansWifeM24 CardiganBorth  
William S EvansSon 3mth MontgomeryLlanfair  
7928 Copper Hill Street  
Elizabeth J LewisWifeM42 MerionethTowyn  
Richard R LewisSonS18Student of theologyMerionethAberdovey  
Elizabeth J LewisDau 12ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
Eleanor J LewisDau 10 MerionethAberdovey  
Hugh H LewisSon 8 MerionethAberdovey  
Margeret A LewisDau 5 MerionethAberdovey  
8029 Copper Hill Street  
Charles JonesHeadM39Farm ServantShropshireBaschurch  
Cathrine JonesWifeM37 MontgomeryLlanbrynmair  
8130 Copper Hill Street  
Elizabeth WaltersWifeM39 CardiganAberystwyth  
Emma J WaltersDau 5ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
Lizzie A WaltersDau 2 MerionethAberdovey  
82Tefnewydd Farm  
John JonesHeadM45FarmerMerionethAberdovey  
Kate JonesWifeM31 MerionethLlanymawddwy  
Thomas W JonesSon 6mth MerionethAberdovey  
Annie JonesNieceS6 MerionethLlanymawddwy  
Mary E EvansServantS21Farm ServantMontgomeryLlanbrynmair  
William RobertsServantS22Farm ServantMontgomeryLlanfair  
Evan EdwardsServantS35Farm ServantMerionethAberdovey  
83Trefeddian Farm  
Thomas JenkinsFarmer SonS24FarmerMerionethAberdovey  
David DaviesServantS16Farmers ServantMontgomeryRuegedir  
John W MorganServantS19Farmer Servant Liverpool  
Mary JenkinsServantS24Servant DomesticCardiganDevils Bridge  
Elizabeth JonesHeadWid51Farmer jointlyMerionethTowyn  
Lewis RobertsNephewS36Farmer jointlyMerionethTowyn  
David R JonesSonS21ServantMerionethTowyn  
Jane A JonesDauS19Domestic ServantMerionethTowyn  
Prieilia JonesDauS15Domestic ServantMerionethTowyn  
Lizzie A JonesNiece 6ScholarMerionethTowyn  
Lewis V JonesServant 12Farm ServantMerionethTowyn  
Ann JonesWifeWid63FarmerCardiganBlaenpenal  
Elizabeth JonesDauS29Farmers DauMerionethTowyn  
Mary A JonesDauS25Farmers DauMerionethTowyn  
Rees E RichardsServantS17Farmers ServantMerionethTowyn  
William JonesHeadM57FarmerMerionethDinas Mawdwy  
Elizabeth JonesWifeM51 MerionethDinas Mawdwy  
Jane A DaviesDauWid28Domestic ServantMontgomeryMachynlleth  
Cathrine JonesDauS24DressmakerMerionethTowyn  
Thomas D JonesSonS17Farmers SonMerionethTowyn  
Elizabeth AshtonBoarder 12ScholarMerionethTowyn  
Elizabeth DaviesNephew 8ScholarMerionethTowyn  
Mary J GittinsNephew 7ScholarMerionethTowyn  
Ebenezer DaviesNephew 7ScholarMerionethTowyn  
Evan WilliamsHeadM34FarmerCaernarvonBettws  
Mary WilliamsWifeM32 MerionethPennal  
Owen WilliamsSon 9ScholarMerionethPennal  
Evan WilliamsSon 7ScholarMerionethPennal  
Neivion WilliamsSon 5ScholarMerionethTowyn  
Mary A WilliamsDau 3 MerionethTowyn  
John WilliamsSon 8mth MerionethTowyn  
Gwen HumphreyServantS16Domestic ServantMerionethTalyllyn  
Mary DaviesHeadWid72FarmerMerionethTowyn  
Hugh DaviesSon 38Farmers SonMerionethTowyn  
Griffith DaviesSon 36Coal merchantMerionethTowyn  
Rhys DaviesServant 17Farm ServantMerionethTowyn  
Elizabeth PughServant 19Domestic ServantMerionethTowyn  
Thomas JonesHeadM44FarmMerionethPennal  
Ruth JonesWifeM43 CardiganLlanfihangel  
Thomas JonesSon 12ScholarMerionethTowyn  
Jane JonesDau 11ScholarMerionethTowyn  
Sarah JonesDau 10ScholarMerionethTowyn  
Mary JonesDau 8ScholarMerionethTowyn  
Emma L JonesDau 5 MerionethTowyn  
David JonesSon 4 MerionethTowyn  
Ruth C JonesDau 5mth MerionethTowyn  
Thomas JonesHeadM57FarmerMerionethTowyn  
Anne JonesWifeM55 MerionethPennal  
Lewis JonesFatherWid82Retired FarmerMerionethLlanegryn  
Tomy JonesSonS19Farmers SonMerionethTowyn  
John R JonesSonS16Farmers SonMerionethTowyn  
E A ReesServantS17Domestic ServantCardiganSalen  
91Balkan Hill  
Enoch LewisHeadM38Ship manager BrokerCardiganBorth  
Frances LewisWifeM30 GlamorganLlanbrissant  
John LewisSon 12ScholarHerefordKingsland  
Collwgn M LewisSon 5ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
Mary E LewisServantS23ParlourmaidMerionethAberdovey  
Dagmar M M MorganSister in lawS14 HerefordWigmore  
Evelyn MartenSisterS26Living on own meansLeicester   
Frances MurraySisterWid54Living on own meansIreland