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C e n s u s - 1 8 9 1 - T o w y n / T o w y n

C E N S U S    O F    E N G L A N D    A N D    W A L E S    1 8 9 1
Registration District MachynllethEnumeration District 12
Registration Sub-district TowynName of Enumerator, Mr John Jones
Description of Boundaries and Contents of Enumeration District
That part of the Township of Maestrefuant which is in the
Parish of Towyn. The whole of the Township of Llanerchgoediog
and a part of the Township of Gwyddelfynydd, beginning
at Iancoeduchaf, Iancoedisaf, Bwlchymaen, Gessel, the
Hamlet of Abertrinant, and Perferddnant, and the
intervening farm houses and the following houses
in the Township of Gwyddelfynydd, Cilcemmes,
Peniarth Lodge, Iyddynbach, Glanymorfa, and Gwyddelfydd.

The detached parts of the Parish of Talyllyn amalgamated
with the Parish of Towyn March 24/81 By L.G.B.O. Comprising
Llanerchgoediog-isaf and uchaf, Iancoed-isaf and uchaf. Perfeddnant
and Coedygof the Houses and Population must be seperately shown
in the Enumeration Book.

Road, Street
Relation to Head
AgeOccupationWhere bornRef
Year / Piece /
  Folio / Page
Joseph OwenHeadWid71Veterinary SurgeonMerioneth   
Owen OwenSonS29Farmers SonMerionethLlanfihangel  
Sarah OwenDauS27House keeperMerionethLlanfihangel  
John OwenSonS23Farmers SonMerionethLlanfihangel  
Hugh OwenSonS20Farmers SonMerionethLlanfihangel  
Margaret OwenDauS17 MerionethLlanfihangel  
Lizzie OwenDauS14ScholarMerionethLlanfihangel  
Owen RobertsHeadM47FarmerMerionethDinas Mawdwy  
Mary RobertsWifeM37 MerionethMallwyd  
Edward P RobertsSon 6 MerionethMallwyd  
Catherine J RobertsDau 3 Merioneth   
Elizabeth JonesServantS19Domestic ServantMerionethLlwyngwril  
John WilliamsHeadM64FarmerCaernarvonBeddgelert  
Mary WilliamsWifeM60 MerionethLlanfihangel  
William Lewis JonesServantS24ShepheardMerionethTowyn  
Elizabeth GriffithsServantS37Domestic ServantMerionethLlanfihangel  
Evan EvansServantM65Farm FeederMerionethTowyn  
John WilliamsHeadWid81Living on own meansMerionethTowyn  
Ann GriffithsServantS70Domestic ServantCaernarvonPwllheli  
Elizabeth J WilliamsNieceS22 MerionethTalyllyn  
David JonesHeadM32Agricultural LabourerMerionethLlanegryn  
Anne JonesWifeM27 MerionethTalyllyn  
John JonesSon 8ScholarMerionethTalyllyn  
Gwen JonesDau 5ScholarMerionethTalyllyn  
Hugh EllisBoarderS25Agricultural LabourerMerionethTalyllyn  
Richard JonesHeadM33ShepheardMontgomeryPlinbmin  
Elizabeth JonesWifeM40 MerionethTowyn  
Jane JonesDauS8ScholarMerionethTowyn  
Mary JonesDauS6ScholarMerionethTowyn  
Richard JonesSonS4ScholarMerionethTowyn  
John DaviesHeadM55FarmerMerionethTowyn  
Jane DaviesWifeM52 MerionethClynin  
Mary DaviesDauS21Farmers DauMerionethClynin  
William J DaviesSonS17Farmers SonMerionethClynin  
Eliza A DaviesDauS15Farmers DauMerionethClynin  
Jane DaviesDauS11ScholarMerionethClynin  
Owen Jones DaviesSonS9ScholarMerionethClynin  
John RobertsHeadM47FarmerMerionethTowyn  
Elizabeth RobertsWifeM44 MerionethDinas Mawdwy  
Johnny RobertsSonS16Farmers SonMerionethTowyn  
Margaret LewisServantS32General ServantCardiganLlanbadarn  
David JonesServantS23Farm ServantMontgomeryCemmaes  
William EdwardsServantS40Farm ServantMerionethDyffryn  
Evan PugheServantS15Farm ServantMerionethDolgelley  
E n d   o f   E c c l e s i a s t i c a l   d i s t r i c t   o f   T a l y l l y n
A   f o r m e r l y   d e t a c h e d   p a r t   o f   t h e   C i v i l   P a r i s h   o f   T a l y l l y n
N.B.   T h i s   d e t a c h e d   p a r t   i s   i n   t h e   R. S. D.
Thomas EdwardsHeadM42Labourer Slate QuarryScotland   
Sarah EdwardsWifeM41Farm KeeperMerionethTowyn  
Margaret EdwardsDauS17 MerionethLlanegryn  
Margaret EvansHeadWid69 MerionethLlanfihangel  
Lewis EvansSonS32FarmerMerionethTowyn  
William RobertsServantS13Farm ServantMerionethTowyn  
Richard VaughanHeadM66FarmerMerionethTowyn  
Elizabeth VaughanWifeM65 MontgomeryPenegoes  
Richard VaughanSonS35Farmers SonMerionethTowyn  
Lewis VaughanSonS29Farmers SonMerionethTowyn  
Owen EllisServantS18Farm ServantMerionethDolgelley  
Gwen JonesServantS19Domestic ServantMerionethDolgelley  
John EllisHeadM41Farmer also Slate QuarryMerionethTowyn  
Hannah EllisWifeM27 MontgomeryMachynlleth  
Hannah Jane EllisDau 5Farmers DauMerionethLlanfihangel  
Catherine Jones EllisDau 2Farmers DauMerionethLlanfihangel  
Evan EvansHeadM41FarmerMerionethTowyn  
Ann EvansWifeM33 MerionethMawdwy  
Susanah GriffithsSisterS21Helping FarmerMerionethMawdwy  
Elizabeth EvansDauS2 MerionethTowyn  
Evan Owen EvansSonS11mth MerionethTowyn  
William PriceSonS6 MerionethTowyn  
Corwena OwenServantS14Domestic ServantMerionethMallwyd  
John RichardsServantS20Farm ServantMerionethTowyn  
Daniel L EvansHeadS39FarmerMerionethTowyn  
Jane RowlandsServantS19Domestic ServantMerionethTalyllyn  
John JonesServantM55Agricultural LabourerMerionethTowyn  
John GriffithsServantS13Agricultural LabourerMerionethLlanfihangel Y Peuant  
Edward DaviesHeadM25Agricultural LabourerMerionethTowyn  
Margaret DaviesWifeM24 MerionethLlanfihangel  
John DaviesSonS4 MerionethTalyllyn  
Elizabeth DaviesDauS1 MerionethTowynRG12/4587/110/4 
Evan EvansHeadM58FarmerMerionethLlanegryn  
Catharine EvansWifeM50 MerionethTowyn  
John EvansSonS25Farmers SonMerionethLlanegryn  
Elizabeth EvansDauS22Farmers DauMerionethLlanegryn  
Robert R EvansSonS18Farmers SonMerionethLlanegryn  
Evan EvansSon 16Farmers SonMerionethLlanegryn  
Edward EvansSon 10ScholarMerionethTowyn  
Hugh G EvansSon 8ScholarMerionethTowyn  
Catherine I EvansDau 7ScholarMerionethTowyn  
Mary Ann HumphreysServantS22Domestic ServantMerionethLlanegryn  
Mary Anne JonesServant 13Domestic ServantMerionethLlanegryn  
John JonesHeadM38FarmerMerionethLlanfihangel  
Elizabeth JonesWifeM38 MerionethTowyn  
Laura JonesDauS16Farmers DauMerionethTowyn  
Hugh DaviesServantS17Farm ServantMerionethTowyn  
John PugheServantS13Farm ServantMerionethLlanegryn  
18Peniarth Lodge  
James PaneHeadM28Game KeeperShropshireWhittington  
Sarah PaneWifeM31 ShropshireFelton  
Jane PaneSon 6ScholarMerionethTowyn  
Sydney PaneSon 4ScholarMerionethTowyn  
Ernest PaneSon 2 MerionethTowyn  
Jane PaneDau 2mth MerionethTowyn  
David PugheHeadM57Agricultural LabourerMerionethBryncrug  
Elizabeth PugheWifeM57 MerionethBryncrug  
Elizabeth PugheDau 26Domestic ServantMerionethBryncrug  
Anne PugheDau 21Domestic ServantMerionethBryncrug  
Evan PugheSon 23ShoemakerMerionethBryncrug  
Hugh PugheSon 14Domestic ServantMerionethBryncrug  
Richard PugheSon 12Domestic ServantMerionethBryncrug  
David WilliamsHeadM79FarmerMerionethLlanfair  
Margaret WilliamsWifeM63 MerionethLlandecwyn  
David WilliamsSonS37Farmers SonMerionethLlandecwyn  
Anne WilliamsDauS16Farmers DauMerionethTowyn  
R RowlandsHeadM48FarmerMerionethLlanegryn  
Mary E RowlandsWifeM46 MontgomeryLlanidloes  
Thomas O RowlandsSonS21Farmers SonMerionethLlanegryn  
Ellen I RowlandsDauS18Farmers DauMerionethLlanegryn  
Henry M RowlandsSonS13Farmers SonMerionethLlanegryn  
John M DaviesNephewS15Farmers NephewMontgomeryLlanidloes  
Mary RobertsServantS25Domestic ServantCardiganTregaron  
Ellen LewisServantS23Domestic ServantMerionethBryncrug  
William DaviesServantS23Farm ServantMerionethTowyn  
John T JonesServantS19Farm ServantMerionethCorwen  
John OwensServantS23Farm ServantMerionethDolgelley  
Evan OwensServantS22Farm ServantMerionethDolgelley  
Alice Mary RowlandsDauS6Farmers DauMerionethTowyn  
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