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C e n s u s - 1 9 0 1 - T o w y n / P e n n a l

C E N S U S    O F    E N G L A N D    A N D    W A L E S    1 9 0 1
Registration District MachynllethEnumeration District 4
Registration Sub-district TowynName of Enumerator, Mr John Price Lewis
1. Civil ParishTowyn (part of)
2. Eccl ParishAberdovey St Peter (part of)
3. County BoroTowyn (part of)
4. Wards of BoroRural Ward (part of)
5. Rural Dist 
6. Parl BoroCounty of Merioneth (part of)
7. Town or Vill 
BOUNDARY of Enumeration District
Bounded on the North by Paenewydd and Bwlch, on the east by Bryumorls & Glegyrogddu, on the
South by the River Dovey & on the West by Bryneithon and Lychuant.
CONTENTS of Enumeration District
  The whole of the Township of Cefnrhosuchaf which includes
Gogarth Treryfach Bryneithin Sychnant Caenewydd Bwlch
Brynmorls & Glegyrogddu & all the intervening farms
and houses


Road, Street
Relation to Head
AgeOccupationWhere bornRef
Year / Piece /
  Folio / Page
1Bryneithin CottageRG13/5190/13/1 
Teresa Julia MeesonHeadWid75Living on own meansSussexEast Holtleigh  
Roslia Josephine Meeson DaviesDauM41Living on own meansLondonBow  
John Meeson DaviesSon in lawM40Living on own meansBreconLlansfenpar  
Sarah CharlesMidwifeWid68MidwifeCardiganLlangorwen  
Jane CarmichaelServantS21General servant Birmingham  
Anne Meeson DaviesGDauSund1mth MerionethTowyn  
2Brynhyfryd Farm  
Evan PughHeadM42FarmerMontgomeryLenegres  
Hannah PughWifeM40 MontgomeryLlanbrynmair  
Jane PughDauS12 AmericaBrit subject  
Anne PughDauS7 MontgomeryLlanfair  
3Sychusat Farm  
Margaret JonesHeadWid40FarmerMerionethAberdovey  
David R JonesSonS16Farmers sonMerionethAberdovey  
Margaretta JonesDauS14Assisting at homeMerionethAberdovey  
Mary L JonesDauS12In schoolMerionethAberdovey  
Annie JonesDauS8In schoolMerionethAberdovey  
Elizabeth JonesDauS5In schoolMerionethAberdovey  
John C JonesSonS3In schoolMerionethAberdovey  
John H ReesRelative VisitorS24Collier & HewerMontgomeryMachynlleth  
4Trefry Fawr  
Margaret EdwardsHeadWid31FarmerMerionethAberdovey  
Daniel EvansServantM58Ag labourerMerionethAberdovey  
5Caenwyr Farm  
Thomas James GriffithHeadM45FarmerMerionethAberdovey  
Margaret GriffithWifeM41 MontgomeryLlanwrin  
Margaret Emily GriffithDauS10 MontgomeryLlanwrin  
Lydia GriffithDauS5 MerionethAberdovey  
6Esgairgyfela Farm  
Richard Evan GriffithHeadM49FarmerMerionethAberdovey  
Mary GriffithWifeM42 CardiganLlanbadarn Vawr  
Lydia Mary GriffithDauS14 MerionethAberdovey  
Richard Thomas GriffithSonS11 MerionethAberdovey  
Thomas WilliamsServantS24Farm servantMontgomeryCaersws  
Lousia GriffithHeadWid54Living on own meansFranceScotel  
Mary StuartSisterS57Living on own meansFranceScotel  
Emily StuartSisterS54Living on own meansFranceScotel  
8Bwlch Farm  
David JonesHeadM45PlatelayerCardiganSqulorgeoed  
Jane JonesWifeM40 MerionethAberdovey  
Thomas JonesSonS14In schoolMerionethAberdovey  
Mary Dyfina JonesDauS12 MerionethAberdovey  
Margaret JonesDauS8 MerionethAberdovey  
Blodwen JonesDauS7 MerionethAberdovey  
Enid Elizabeth JonesDauS1 MerionethAberdovey  
9Braichyedeau Farm  
David JonesHeadM40FarmerMerionethAberdovey  
Martha Frances JonesWifeM45 MontgomeryLlanbrynmair  
Mary Frances JonesDauS10 MerionethAberdovey  
10Tafolgraig Farm  
David DaviesHeadM46FarmerMerionethTowyn  
Catherine DaviesWifeM48Farmers wifeIrelandBodiwen Cavan  
David Cadwaladr DaviesSonS16Farmers sonIrelandBodiwen Cavan  
Robert William DaviesSonS14In SchoolMerionethTowyn  
Mary Catherine DaviesDauS13In SchoolMerionethTowyn  
11Brynmorls Farm  
Evan WilliamsHeadM46FarmerCarmarthenPwllheli  
Mary WilliamsWifeM43 MerionethPennal  
Owen WilliamsSonS19Carter on farmMerionethTowyn  
Mary Ann WilliamsDauS13In SchoolMerionethTowyn  
John WilliamsSonS9In SchoolMerionethTowyn  
Thomas WilliamsSonS7In SchoolMerionethTowyn  
Mary WilliamsMother in lawWid81Retired servantMontgomeryIsyganeg  
John James LewisBoarderS24Seaman disabledMerionethTowyn  
12Glegyrogddu FarmRG13/5190/14/3 
Owen OwenHeadM45FarmerMerionethLlanegryn  
Mary Ann OwenWifeM30 MerionethTowyn  
Maggie OwenDauS6 MerionethPennal  
Jane Morfydd OwenDauS4 MerionethPennal  
David Jones OwenSonS2 MerionethPennal  
Annie Eth OwenDauS6mth MerionethTowyn  
Anne JonesMother in lawWid80Retired farmers widowCardiganBlaenpenal  
David EdwardsServantS18Farm labourerMerionethAbergynolayn  
13Glegyrogwen Farm  
Lewis WilliamsHeadM53FarmerMerionethTowyn  
Margaret Ann WilliamsWifeM44 MerionethTowyn  
Lewis PerkinsNephewS24Farmers nephewMerionethLlanaber  
Susannah EdwardsServantS13ServantMerionethTowyn  
John BevingtonHeadM47Caretaker CoachmanMerionethWirkel Chatatone  
Jane BevingtonWifeM46 MerionethAberdovey  
Annie Maud BevingtonDauS18ButcherStaffordBalestone  
Mary Jane BevingtonDauS10 MerionethAberdovey  
151 Aberlafol Cottage  
Jane StarkeyHeadM29House wifeMerionethTowyn  
Kate StarkeyDauS3 MerionethTowyn  
162 Aberlafol Cottage  
Griffith PughHeadM57Railway platelayerMontgomeryCemmaes  
Anne PughWifeM45 MerionethTowyn  
173 Aberlafol Cottage  
John HayterHeadS28JoinerCardiganAberystwyth  
Hugh JonesHeadM36General labourerCaernarvonBodrean  
Catherine JonesWifeM35 CaernarvonLladgian  
Hugh JonesSonS13In schoolCaernarvonClydrog  
Samuel JonesSonS10In schoolCaernarvonClydrog  
Griffith JonesSonS7In schoolCaernarvonClydrog  
Richard JonesSonS6mthIn schoolMerionethTowyn  
Richard EdwardsHeadM53Railway platelayerMerionethPennal  
Jane EdwardsWifeM57 CardiganLlanfihangel  
20Abergroes Farm  
Margaret JonesHeadWid63FarmerMerionethPennal  
Evan JonesSonS24Farmers sonMerionethTowyn  
Griffith JonesSonS21Farmers sonMerionethTowyn  
Thomas JonesSonS19Farmers sonMerionethTowyn  
Gilbert StackleyGSonS2 MerionethTowyn  
21Panteidal Farm  
Evan EvansHeadM62FarmerMerionethTowyn  
Martha EvansWifeM52 MontgomeryLlandinam  
Frank WoosnamServStepson23Railway porterMerionethTowyn  
Evan EvansVisitorWid80Gardener domesticMontgomeryLlangadfan  
22Frangoch Cottage  
Wm F BowerHeadM52Civil EngineerDerbyAshover  
Mary BowerWifeM33 MerionethDyffryn  
Gerty M RobertsNieceS4ChildS WalesTreorky  
23Gogarth Hall  
William Harbert BaylissHeadS72Living on own meansGloucesterWilford  
Mary HarrisServantS58Working housekeeperGloucesterWilford  
24Gogarth Farm  
Lewis James HughesHeadM41FarmerMerionethTowyn  
Ellen HughesWifeM44 MerionethTowyn  
Hugh James HughesSonS8 MerionethTowyn  
Jane Ellen HughesDauS4 MerionethTowyn  
Edmund WilliamsServantM26CattlemanMontgomeryLlanwyddelan  
Frank Ammon LindmerHeadM40Living on own means Birmingham  
Christine LindmerWifeM39 Ireland   
Nellie LindmerDauS9 HampshireCarwich  
Helekn ParkesBoarderS23Governess Liverpool  
Mary JonesServantS26CookMerionethAberdovey  
Sarah JonesServantS20ParlourmaidMerionethAberdovey  
Lizzie LloydServantS16HousemaidMerionethAberdovey  
26Braiclyedyn LodgeRG13/5190/15/5 
William LewisHeadM75FarmerMerionethAberdovey  
Catherine LewisWifeM73 MerionethAberdovey  
27Trefry Lodge  
John BainesHeadM68GardenerDenbighLlangollen  
Mary BainesWifeM64 MontgomeryMachynlleth  
Mathew BainesSonS24Agent for tea companyMerionethTowynBlind from birth 
 Bryneillun Hall  
 Bryneillun Coach rooms
           & stables
 Panfeidal Hall  
 Panfeidal Lodge  
 Braidiycolyn Coach
(Rooms above)
 Trefry Hall