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C e n s u s - 1 9 0 1 - T o w y n / P e n n a l

C E N S U S    O F    E N G L A N D    A N D    W A L E S    1 9 0 1
Registration District MachynllethEnumeration District 6
Registration Sub-district TowynName of Enumerator, Mr Edward Jones
1. Civil ParishTowyn (part of)
2. Eccl ParishAberdovey St Peter (part of)
3. County BoroTowyn (part of)
4. Wards of BoroAberdovey Ward (part of)
5. Rural Dist 
6. Parl BoroCounty of Merioneth (part of)
7. Town or VillTown of Aberdovey (part of)
BOUNDARY of Enumeration District
Bounded on the North by Bryntegwell Hopeland and the Vicarage, on the East by Tanyrallt,
on the South by Estuary of the River Dovey, and on the West by the centre of Copper Hill Street.
CONTENTS of Enumeration District
  All that part of the Town of Aberdovey lying to the East of centre of Copper Hill Street
as far as Tanyrallt on the Eastern side, including the Vicarage, Hill Side houses,
Bryndyfi, Bryntegwel and Bryntegwell Cottage and all new houses in Hopeland View,
Viz:- Farcroft, Brynnoneddyg Brampton's Villa, Morwylfa Plasuchaf and Llwyn Onu.


Road, Street
Relation to Head
AgeOccupationWhere bornRef
Year / Piece /
  Folio / Page
131 Copper Hill StreetRG13/5190/30/1 
John DaviesHeadM34General labourerMerionethAberdovey  
Jane Elizabeth DaviesWifeM33 MerionethTowyn  
Elizabeth Mary DaviesDauS4 MerionethAberdovey  
John Clement DaviesSonS2 MerionethAberdovey  
Margaret Jane DaviesDauS2mth MerionethAberdovey  
232 Copper Hill Street  
John DaviesHeadWid69SignalMontgomeryNewtown  
Margeret DaviesDauS35House keeperMerionethAberdovey  
Fred TurnerBoarderS18BakerShropshireHillton  
333 Copper Hill Street  
Richard LumleyHeadM65Retired marinerMerionethCorris  
Susan LumleyWifeM59 CardiganTreddol  
Elizabeth L QuilterGDauS7  London  
434 Copper Hill Street  
Hannah Sophia DaviesWifeM36 CardiganA'ystwith  
535 Copper Hill Street  
Edith Annie JonesWifeM34 CardiganAbereptwich  
Frank JonesSonS8 MerionethAberdovey  
David JonesSonS6 MerionethAberdovey  
Stanley JonesSonS3 MerionethAberdovey  
636 Copper Hill Street  
Jemima JamesWifeM62 CardiganA'ystwith  
737 Copper Hill Street  
William MorrisHeadM70BookmakerMerionethAberdovey  
Elizabeth MorrisWifeM63 MerionethAberdovey  
Edward DaviesBrother in lawM49SailorMerionethAberdovey  
Agnes DaviesDauS11 MerionethAberdovey  
Catherine DaviesDauS8 MerionethAberdovey  
838 Copper Hill Street  
Humphrey JonesHeadM62Horse breakerMontgomeryLlanwrin  
Jane JonesWifeM53 MerionethAberdovey  
Annie Jane JonesGDauS6 MerionethAberdovey  
number unused on sheet        
1041 Copper Hill Street  
John ThomasHeadM45MarinerCardiganA'ystwith  
Catherine ThomasWifeM43 MerionethDinas Mawdwy  
John WilliamsBrother in lawWid41SawyerMerionethDinas Mawdwy  
1142 Copper Hill Street  
John ReesHeadS42StevedoreMerionethTowyn  
Anne ReesMotherWid69 CardiganCyfoeth y Brenin  
Mary Annie WilliamVisitorS35 CardiganHenllys  
1243 Copper Hill StreetRG13/5190/30/2 
John WilliamsHeadM66MarinerMerionethAbedovey  
Mary WilliamsWifeM59 MerionethBarmouth  
Richard WilliamsSonS23Stone masonMerionethAberdovey  
David Hughes WilliamsSonS20CarpenterMerionethAberdovey  
Jane Anne WilliamsDauS17 MerionethAberdovey  
Owen Davies WilliamsSonS15ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
1344 Copper Hill Street  
Edward FoulkesHeadM34GroomMontgomeryCemmes  
Jane FoulkesWifeM33 MontgomeryMachynlleth  
Mary FoulkesDauS6 MerionethAberdovey  
Katy FoulkesDauS4 MerionethAberdovey  
number unused on sheet        
151 Heulor Terrace  
Jane PhillipsWifeM29 MerionethPennal  
Mary Louisa PhillipsDauS1 MerionethAberdovey  
Fredrick M EdwardsVisitorM28CarpenterMontLlanbrynmair  
Winifred EdwardsVisitorM32 MontMachynlleth  
162 Heulor Terrace  
Lewis JonesHeadM51Foreman (Mason)CardiganTalirsin  
Margeret JonesWifeM49 PembrokeSt Dogmel  
George JonesSonS22MasonMerionethAberdovey  
John M JonesSonS15 MerionethAberdovey  
Blodwen JonesDauS12 MerionethAberdovey  
173 Heulor Terrace  
Lewis DaviesHeadM52Slate quarrymanMerionethAberdovey  
Eleanor DaviesWifeM47 MerionethPennal  
Lizzie J DaviesDauS27 MerionethAberdovey  
Susie DaviesDauS19 MerionethAberdovey  
184 Heulor Terrace  
Mary BagsterHeadWid47Teacher of musicLondon   
Herbert G BagsterSonS16SchoolboyWorcesterKidderminster  
Emmie M BagsterDauS12SchoolgirlWorcesterKidderminster  
Georges TrennieVisitorM40Artist & SculpFranceParis  
William JonesHeadM33FarmerMerionethAberdovey  
Mary JonesWifeM28 MerionethAberdovey  
Thomas JonesSonS7 MerionethAberdovey  
Mary Ann JonesDauS6 MerionethAberdovey  
Arthur Hughes JonesSonS3 MerionethAberdoveyRG13/5190/31/3 
Wm Henry JonesSonS2 MerionethAberdovey  
Griffith RichardsHeadM42General labourerMerionethBryncrug  
Jane RichardsWifeM42 MerionethAberdovey  
Jane EdwardsMotherWid85 MerionethAberdovey  
2145 Copper Hill Street  
Margeret EvansHeadS57Cook domesticMerionethLlwyngwril  
Elizabeth EvansSisterS65 MerionethLlwyngwril  
2246 Copper Hill Street  
Edward HughesHeadM74PlatelayerMontMachynlleth  
Mary HughesWifeM43 MontLlanwrin  
Maggie HughesDauS18 MontLlanwrin  
Jane HughesDauS14 MerionethAberdovey  
Margret E HughesGDau 4mth MerionethAberdovey  
2347 Copper Hill Street  
Jane EvansHeadWid67 MerionethLlwyngwril  
Hannah EvansDauS32Nurse domesticMerionethAberdovey  
2448 Copper Hill Street  
Margaret OwenHeadS41GrocerMerionethAberdovey  
Maggie HughesServantS16DomesticMerionethAberdovey  
2549 Copper Hill Street  
Humphrey JonesHeadM73General labourerMerionethPennal  
Sarah JonesWifeM72 MerionethTowyn  
2650 Copper Hill Street  
Mary HendriesHeadWid63 MerionethTowyn  
Peter HendriesSonS24Labourer generalMerionethAberdovey  
271 Railway Court  
Mary EvansWifeM34 MerionethAberdovey  
Hugh EvansSon 1 MerionethAberdovey  
Gwen PughMotherWid76 MerionethBryncrug  
M E JonesVisitorS13 MerionethAberdovey  
Evan MorgansBoarderS56ShoemakerMontMachynlleth  
282 Railway Court  
David LewisHeadM33FarmerMontMachynlleth  
Jane LewisWifeM37 MerionethAberllyfni  
Owen J DaviesBoarderS21Mason StoneDenbighGwytherin  
293 Railway Court  
William RusselHeadM68SailorMerionethAberdovey  
Ellen Jane RusselDauS8at SchoolMerionethAberdovey  
30      RG13/5190/31/4 
number unused on sheet        
3152 Copper Hill Street  
Edward OwenHeadM77General labourerRadnorParish Unknown  
Charllotte OwenWifeM78 CardiganLlanfaircorieddin  
Mary OwenGDauS18DressmakerMerionethAberdovey  
32Nievion House  
Evan Jones LewisHeadM34PlastererMerionethLlwyngwril  
Ellen LewisWifeM31 MerionethAbergynolwyn  
Elizabeth M LewisDauS4 MerionethLlwyngwril  
Cathrine J LewisDauS2 MerionethAberdovey  
Morfydd E LewisDau 8mth MerionethAberdovey  
number unused on sheet        
3454 Copper Hill Street  
John JonesHeadM53Golf Green keeperMerionethBala  
Sarah JonesWifeM52 MerionethDyffryn  
Owen JonesSonS20Stone masonMerionethDyffryn  
351 Chapel Square  
Mary RobertsHeadS21Temperance hotel proprietorMerionethTowyn  
Mary Ann JonesAdoptedS6 MerionethAberdovey  
362 Chapel Square  
Mary Jane OwenHeadS33House keeperMerionethAberdovey  
377 Chapel Square  
Winniefred EynonHeadWid41 MerionethAberdovey  
Lewis T EynonSonS19General labourerMerionethAberdovey  
Hannah EynonDauS15DressmakerMerionethAberdovey  
Anne C EynonDauS10 MerionethAberdovey  
William R EynonSonS8 MerionethAberdovey  
Ellen M EynonDauS5 MerionethAberdovey  
Winnifred EynonDau 1 MerionethAberdovey  
388 Chapel Square  
David JonesHeadM80MarinerMerionethAberdoveyParalysed 
Sarah JonesWifeM78 CarmarthenCarmarthenParalysed 
Jane M DaviesDauM50 CarmarthenCarmarthen  
Sarah G DaviesGDauS22 MontMachynlleth  
John Ingram JonesGSonS22 MerionethAberdovey  
399 Chapel Square  
Hugh HughesHeadM71LamplighterCardiganEglwys fach  
Ann HughesWifeM66 MerionethAberdovey  
John Levi EynonGSonS14Stable boyMerionethAberdovey  
4010 Chapel Square  
Charles BerryHeadM32LabourerHampshireWinchester  
Jane BerryWifeM30 MerionethPennal  
Hannah BerryDauS5 CardiganAberystwythRG13/5190/32/5 
Ann BerryDauS1 MerionethAberdovey  
40a11 Chapel Square  
Mary PhillipsHeadWid64 MerionethAberdovey  
John PhillipsSonS29Sailor merchant shipMerionethAberdovey  
40b12 Chapel Square  
Richard MellingtonHeadM60House painterShropshireShrewsbury  
Elizabeth MellingtonWifeM46 MerionethAberdovey  
Charles H MellingtonSonS16Telegraph boyMerionethAberdovey  
Sarah MellingtonDauS6 MerionethAberdovey  
41Bethel House  
Evan RobertsHeadM52SeamanMerionethTowyn  
Catherine RobertsWifeM51ConfectionerMerionethDolgelley  
Evan RobertsSonS23BakerMerionethTowyn  
David RobertsSonS18PlumberMerionethTowyn  
John RobertsSonS15 MerionethAberdovey  
Catherine A RobertsDauS13 MerionethAberdovey  
number unused on sheet        
43Market Place  
Emma EvansHeadWid51FishmongerMerionethAberdovey  
441 New Street  
Elizabeth RobertsHeadWid72Living own meansIsle of ManCastletown  
452 New Street  
Elizabeth BowenWifeM54 MontCarno  
Thomas BowenSonS27Railway clerkMerionethAberdovey  
Mary BowenDauS25 MerionethAberdovey  
Richard BowenSonS21Railway clerkMerionethAberdovey  
463 New Street  
John RobertsHeadS42Road foremanMontMelinbyshedin  
Margeret RobertsSisterS37House keeperMontDerwenlas  
474 New Street  
Margeret LewisHeadWid54DressmakerMerionethLlanegryn  
485 New Street  
William HughesHeadM62BoatmanAngleseaLlangaffo  
Margeret HughesWifeM64DressmakerMerionethAberdovey  
Lizzie J HughesDauS20DressmakerCaernarvonNautle  
496 New Street  
Catherine MorrisWifeM39 MontMachynlleth  
I William MorrisSonS9 MerionethAberdovey  
Cyril MorrisSonS4 MerionethAberdovey  
Annie May MorrisDauS4 MerionethAberdovey  
507 New Street  
Annie RowlandsWifeM36 MerionethAberdovey  
Mary RowlandsDauS3 MerionethAberdoveyRG13/5190/32/6 
518 New Street  
William WilliamsHeadS47StationerMerionethAberdovey  
Jane DaviesServantS50 CardiganBorth  
529 New Street  
Lizzie M GriffithsDauS24 CardiganAberystwyth  
Ivy SmithNiece 1 MerionethAberdovey  
5310 New Street  
Hugh MorrisHeadM78Living own accountMerionethAberdovey  
Susan MorrisWifeM69 MerionethAberdovey  
5411 New Street  
John EvansHeadM41Tailor & draperMontLlanbrynmair  
Mary EvansWifeM37 MerionethAberdovey  
Elizabeth EvansDauS17 MerionethAberdovey  
Annie EvansDauS15 MerionethAberdovey  
John O EvansSonS12 MerionethAberdovey  
Mary EvansDauS10 MerionethAberdovey  
Olwen J EvansDauS8 MerionethAberdovey  
Enid M EvansDauS5 MerionethAberdovey  
David S EvansSonS7 MerionethAberdovey  
Richard B EvansSonS2 MerionethAberdovey  
John E O WilliamsServantS19TailorCardiganTreddol  
James I WilliamsAprenticeS16TailorCardiganTreddol  
5512 New Street  
Catherine MorrisWifeWid67GrocerMontMachynlleth  
5613 New Street  
George PearceHeadM38WatchmakerWorcesterGreat Malvern  
Mary PearceWifeM39 MerionethLlanegryn  
Rosa J PearceDauS4 MerionethAberdovey  
David J PearceSon 2 MerionethAberdovey  
Mary PearceDau 1 MerionethAberdovey  
57Britannia Inn  
John WakelingHeadM59PublicanLondonLambeth  
Mary WakelingWifeM50  Manchester  
Mabel WakelingDauS11 MerionethAberdovey  
5812 Sea View Terr  
Margeret DaviesHeadWid79Temperance House keeperCardiganElerch  
Annie DaviesDauS34Boarding House keeperMerionethAberdovey  
Isaac DaviesSonS32MarinerMerionethAberdovey  
Ernest RichardsGSonS28Estate agents clerkLancashireManchesterRG13/5190/33/7 
Evelyn RichardsGDauS11 LancashireManchester  
Nora DaviesGDau 11mth MerionethAberdovey  
5911 Sea View Terr  
Joshua JukesHeadM62Printer & stationerStaffordDarlaston  
Maria JukesWifeM57 StaffordBloomfield Tipton  
Bromley R WilliamsSonS15ScholarStaffordWest Bromwich  
6010 Sea View Terr  
Edward WilliamsHeadS56Sanitory inspectorMerionethAberdovey  
Margeret LewisSisterWid54 MerionethAberdovey  
William JonesVisitorM64C Methodist ministerCarmarthenLlandegai  
618+9 Sea View Terr  
William D EvansHeadM32HairdresserMerionethAbergynolwyn  
M Singleton EvansWifeM34 LancashireSt Helens  
62Dovey Hotel  
David L DaviesHeadM44Clergyman CofE retiredCardiganLlanon  
Mary E DaviesWifeM35Licenced VictuallerCardiganAberysttwith  
Anne J DaviesDauS11 CardiganAberysttwith  
Jenkyn L L DaviesSonS9 CardiganAberysttwith  
Dorothy I DaviesDauS8 CardiganAberysttwith  
Gwendoline DaviesDau 2 MerionethAberdovey  
Margeret JonesServantS26CookCardiganDevil Bridge  
631 Church Street  
Harry PughHeadM35Labourer generalMerionethPennal  
Annie PughWifeM28 MontLlanbrynmair  
642 Church Street  
John LumleyHeadM66Labourer generalMerionethPennal  
Jane LumleyWifeM68GrocerCaernarvonPenmorfa  
Margeret J RobertsGDauS17 MontMachynlleth  
653 Church Street  
Samuel EvansHeadM36Assurance agentMontLlanbrynmair  
Martha EvansWifeM37 BreconBrecknock  
Jennet EvansDauS6 BreconBrecknock  
David I EvansSonS3 MerionethAberdovey  
Frank S EvansSon 1 MerionethAberdovey  
664 Church Street  
Catherine MorrisHeadWid72 MerionethAberdovey  
William JonesBrotherWid62Railway porterMerionethAberdovey  
675 Church StreetRG13/5190/33/8 
John TompkinsHeadM53General labourerWorcesterMamble  
Margeret TompkinsWifeM55 MerionethPennal  
Thomas E TompkinsSonS19General labourerMerionethTowyn  
Evan T TompkinsSonS12 WorcesterMamble  
number unused on sheet        
number unused on sheet        
703 Giberalter Terr  
Jane WilliamsWifeM41 MontMachynlleth  
Catherine E WilliamsDauS16 GlamorganRyotad  
Evan WilliamsSonS13 MerionethAberdovey  
Jorweth WilliamsSonS10 MerionethAberdovey  
714 Giberalter Terr  
Mary A EdwardsWifeWid54 MerionethTowyn  
Evan M EdwardsSonS20GroomMerionethTowyn  
John EdwardsSonS15 MerionethTowyn  
Rebeccah M EdwardsDauS13 MerionethTowyn  
725 Giberalter Terr  
David EvansHeadM48MarinerMerionethParish Unknown  
Margeret EvansWifeM43LaundressMontEglwys fach  
Owen L EvansSonS6 MerionethAberdovey  
736 Giberalter Terr  
David RichardsHeadM62GardenerMerionethAberdovey  
Susannah RichardsWifeM51 MerionethAberdovey  
Evan RichardsSonS13Apprentice GrocerMerionethAberdovey  
7410a Church Street  
William JonesHeadWid60GardenerDenbighLlangerniew  
7510 Church Street  
Jane JonesHeadWid52Domestic WorkerwomanMerionethAberdovey  
Jane E WilliamsDauM22 MerionethAberdovey  
Janny I WilliamsGDau 1 MerionethAberdovey  
John M WilliamsGSon 4mth MerionethAberdovey  
7611 Church Street  
Ann HughesWifeWid52 MerionethDyffryn  
Robert L HughesSonS21PlastererMerionethAberdovey  
Sarah HughesDauS21Grocer FishmongerMerionethAberdovey  
William I HughesSonS16Labourer brickMerionethAberdovey  
Martha A HughesDauS8 MerionethAberdovey  
Margeret J JonesDauS16 MontLlanwrin  
7712 Church Street  
Ellen OwenHeadWid69CharwomanMontDivasmaweldwy  
Ann OwenDauS34CharwomanMerionethAberdovey  
7813 Church StreetRG13/5190/34/9 
Mary PughHeadS47Cook domesticCardiganAberystwyth  
7914 Church Street  
Ann DaviesHeadWid50Washer womanMontMachynlleth  
8015 Church Street  
Ernest VaughtonHeadM38Electrical engineerWarwickBirmingham  
Julia VaughtonWifeM31 WarwickBirmingham  
Margeret VaughtonDauS11 WarwickAston  
Tetyalan VaughtonSonS10 StaffordHandsworth  
James VaughtonSonS7 StaffordHandsworth  
Dorothy VaughtonDauS5 StaffordHandsworth  
Robert VaughtonSonS4 MerionethAberdovey  
Ernest VaughtonSonS2 MerionethAberdovey  
Tom VaughtonSonS2mth MerionethAberdovey  
Hannah MatthewsMother in lawWid59 WarwickBirmingham  
8116 Church Street  
Margeret EdwardsHeadWid66 MerionethTowyn  
Elizabeth EdwardsDauS35 MerionethAberdovey  
Ann C EdwardsDauS25 MerionethAberdovey  
Evan EdwardsSonS40Labourer generalMerionethAberdovey  
8217 Church Street  
Winefred DaviesWifeM34 CardiganYnyslas  
number unused on sheet        
8419 Church Street  
Humphrey RowlandHeadM45French tutorMerionethAberdovey  
Anne RowlandWifeM36 MerionethAberdovey  
Catherine E RowlandDauS15 MerionethAberdovey  
Morris RowlandSonS12 MerionethAberdovey  
Margeret RowlandDauS11 MerionethAberdovey  
Evan A RowlandSonS9 MerionethAberdovey  
Edward RowlandSonS6 MerionethAberdovey  
Humphrey V RowlandSon 2 MerionethAberdovey  
8520 Church Street  
Richard DaviesHeadM62Fishing officerMerionethAberdovey  
Martha DaviesWifeM61 StaffordLongton  
8621 Church Street  
Thomas MorganHeadM52GardenerMontDarowen  
Mary I MorganWifeM51 MontDarowen  
8722 Church Street  
M A RichardsHeadWid45 MerionethAberdovey  
Eliza RichardsDauS24 MerionethAberdovey  
Cath RichardsDauS19 MerionethAberdoveyRG13/5190/34/10 
May RichardsDauS17 MerionethAberdovey  
8828 Church Street  
Averina DaviesWifeWid50LaundressCardiganLlanfihangel  
Annie DaviesDauS15 MerionethAberdovey  
Lizzie E DaviesDauS11 MerionethAberdovey  
8924 Church Street  
Margeret I EvansWifeM33 CardiganBorth  
Willie S EvansSonS10 MontLlanfair  
Irene M EvansDauS7 MerionethAberdovey  
John Elias EvansSonS6 MerionethAberdovey  
Margeret EvansDau 3 MerionethAberdovey  
Anne M EvansDau 1 MerionethAberdovey  
number unused on sheet        
number unused on sheet        
9227 Church Street  
Martha OwenHeadS72 MerionethAberdovey  
9328 Church Street  
Ann RoseHeadWid78Own meansLancashireLiverpool  
Marmeduke L LewisHeadM45Living on own meansLeicesterDunton Bassett  
Dorothy I LewisWifeM35Living on own meansMerionethAberdovey  
Anne DaviesServantS26Housemaid domesticCardiganLlangeitho  
Martha JonesServantS27Cook domesticMerionethPennal  
Jane EdwardsVisitorWid68Living on own meansCardiganLlanfihangel Cryddin  
95Bryntegwel Cottage  
Sarah P BowdenHeadWid67Living on own meansDevonBroadhembury  
Edward BowdenSonM33Manager in English Timer tradeShropshireShrewsbury  
Frances E BowdenDau in lawM36 HerefordAshperton  
Charles E BowdenGSon 7 WarwickBirmingham  
Arthur TomlinsHeadM41Retired Corn MillerMontgomerySnead  
Elizabeth TomlinsWifeM43 MerionethAberdovey  
Annie E ReesServantS23General servantMerionethPennal  
John Ernest HillHeadM33SolicitorWarwickBirmingham  
Florence A HillWifeM29 StaffordWolverhampton  
Edith FlolkesHeadM43NoneLondonEton Gre  
Dorothy CummingsDauS18 LondonEton Gre  
Hilda CummingsDauS16 LondonEton Gre  
Olive CummingsDauS15 LondonEton Gre  
Archbld CameronSon in lawWid25noneLondon RG13/5190/35/11 
Kate HarrisServantS45Maid domestic Devonport  
number unused on sheet        
Harriett E RobertWifeM52 LancashireLiverpool  
Raymond P MiddletonSonS17ScholarMontWelshpool  
Ronald Ellis WynneSonS14ScholarShropshireBetws Y Crwryn  
Ellen JonesServantS19General serv domesticCardiganAberystwith  
Fredric R G WrightHeadM57Retired naval officerSuffolkNaughton  
Mary Edith WrightWifeM50 HantsGosport  
Elizabeth FoulkesServantS23Cook domesticMontLlanbrynmair  
102Hopelaud View  
Charles H BillHeadM48Living on own meansKentMaidstone  
Lillian A BillWifeM32Living on own meansShropshireCressage  
Mary ReesServantS14Gen serv domesticMerionethAberdovey  
number unused on sheet        
William JonesHeadM43Relieving officer & registrarMontgomeryCemmaes  
Anne JonesWifeM37 MontgomeryCemmaes  
Martha J JonesDauS16In intermediate schoolMontgomeryLlanbrynmair  
Peris JonesSonS13ScholarMerionethAberdovey  
Fk Atin JanionHeadM39SolicitorCheshireChorley  
Mary Maud JanionWifeM33 CheshireBowden  
Enid Maud JanionDauS9 CheshireKnutsford  
Anne WatkinsServantS19Parlour maidWorcesterChaddesley Corbett  
106Brig y don  
I Stares RawsonHeadWid62Retired architectLancashireSalford  
Catherine L RawsonDauS32 LancashireFarnworth with Kearsley  
Ethel RawsonDauS30 LancashireFarnworth with Kearsley  
Annie EatonServantS23Gen serv domesticShropshireNewport  
Elinor WilliamsHeadWid62 LancashireLiverpool  
108Stanley Villa  
Mary E JenkinsHeadWid32Lodging house keeperIrelandNewry  
109High Cliff  
Jane JonesHeadS37Lodging house keeperMerionethAberdovey  
Elizabeth JonesSisterS35DomesticMerionethAberdovey  
Evan LewisHeadM28Railway porterMontLlanbrynmair  
Jane LewisWifeM34 MontMachynlleth  
Thomas LewisSon 5mth MerionethAberdovey  
Elizabeth JonesMother in lawWid59Farmers widowMerionethDinasmawdwyRG13/5190/35/12 
Mary Jane PughServantS13Nurse domesticMerionethPennal  
Adelaid A Le PassinghasBoarderS33Living own means Cambridge  
111Pleasant View  
George RossHeadM66Living own meansScotland   
Adelaide RossWifeM66 W IndiesJamaica  
George I RossSonS39 Scotland   
Anne RobertsServantS25Gen serv domesticCaernarvonRhostwyvan  
112Bryn Cottage  
Evan HughesHeadM45Platelayer railwayMerionethTowyn  
Elizabeth HughesWifeM39 CardiganLlangaerfelin  
John HughesSonS11 MerionethAberdovey  
Annie HughesDauS10 MerionethAberdovey  
Richard HughesSonS9 MerionethAberdovey  
Mary HughesDau 7 MerionethAberdovey  
Isaac HughesSon 5 MerionethAberdovey  
Owen L HughesSon 6mth MerionethAberdovey  
11314 Sea View Terr  
John EvansHeadM64Master marinerMerionethAberdovey  
Sarah J EvansWifeM61 MerionethAberdovey  
Sarah J EvansDauS24MillenerMerionethAberdovey  
Elizabeth I EvansDauS21 MerionethAberdovey  
Hugh MorganGSon 6 MerionethAberdovey  
113aDovey Pharmacy  
Thomas H O JonesHeadS26ChemistAngleseaHolyhead  
Hannah I WilliamsAuntS48 CaernarvonBangor  
11415 Sea View Terr  
Jane JenkinsDauS38Lodging house keeperMerionethAberdovey  
Jane JenkinsMotherWid70 CardiganLlanfihangel  
Mary A JenkinsDauS36Lodging house keeperMerionethAberdovey  
11516 Sea View Terr  
Evan EdwardsSonS45CoachmanMerionethPennal  
John EdwardsSonS43Slate quarry clerkMerionethPennal  
Annie JonesServantS24General servantMerionethPennal  
number unused on sheet        
11717 Sea View Terr  
Thomas JonesHeadM41Railway carpenterShropshireWhittington  
Charlote JonesWifeM41 StaffordElford  
Sarah JonesDauS16 MerionethAberdovey  
Herbert E JonesSonS13 MerionethAberdoveyRG13/5190/36/13 
11818 Sea View Terr  
John D HughesHeadM29Tailors cutterMerionethAberdovey  
Mary J HughesWifeM30 MerionethAberdovey  
David D HughesSon 3 London   
Catherine A HughesDau 2 MerionethAberdovey  
Griffith OwenUncleWid67Ships carpenterMerionethAberdovey  
11919 Sea View Terr  
Olivia T CarpenterHeadS57Living own meansHerefordHereford  
Emily ManceServantWid55Cook domesticHerefordPeterstone  
12020 Sea View Terr  
William JonesHeadWid60Corn merchantMerionethAberdovey  
Mary RobertsServantS35HousekeeperMontDerwenlas  
12121 Sea View Terr  
John Wm MorganHeadS33Raiway clerkMerionethAberdovey  
Catherine I HughesNieceS10 MerionethAberdovey  
Ellen HughesHousekeeperS33Cook domesticMontgomeryMachynlleth  
number unused on sheet        
123Uaderia House  
Mary S WilliamsHeadS26Living own meansMerionethAberdovey  
Catherine WilliamsSisterS22Living own meansMerionethAberdovey  
John WilliamsBrotherS19Engineer fitterMerionethAberdovey  
Elizabeth WilliamsSisterS17 MerionethAberdovey  
Owen HughesVisitorM47Grocer shopkeeperMontLlanfyllin  
Sarah HughesVisitorM39 MontLlanfyllin  
Thomas D HughesVisitorS4 MontLlanfyllin  
John A HughesVisitor 1 MontLlanfyllin  
12423 Sea View Terr  
Margeret ThomasHeadS31MillenerMontMachynlleth  
Susan J ThomasSisterS35Farmers DauMontDarowen  
1251 Dovey Cottage  
Anne VaughanHeadWid63Living own meansMerionethAberdovey  
Jane VaughanDauS34 MerionethAberdovey  
M S VaughanVisitorS83Living own meansMontMachynlleth  
1262 Dovey Cottage  
Catherine LewisOccupierS39Lodging house keeperMerionethAberdovey  
Mary BurgessSisterM41Living own meansMerionethAberdovey  
Ellen Jane DaviesHeadS39Living own meansRadnorKnighton  
Martha MintonHousekeeperS43House keeperShropshireForton  
12827 Sea View TerrRG13/5190/36/14 
Jane RowlandsHeadWid60Lodging house keeperMontWelshpool  
Jane M RowlandsDauS39Assistant school mistressMerionethAberdovey  
12928 Sea View Terr  
John OwenHeadWid69School attendance officerMerionethAberdovey  
Amy OwenDauS33no occupationMerionethAberdovey  
Henry M RobertsVisitorS31C Methodist preacherCaernarvonLlanllyfni  
John D JonesBoarderS32W Presbytarian ministerDenbighLlansilin  
Amy A FoulkesGChildS8ScholarMonmouthNewport  
13029 Sea View Terr  
Wm Jones HughesHeadM45Builder contractorMerionethAberdovey  
Catherine HughesWifeM46 MerionethAberdovey  
1311 Tregowel  
Robert GriffithHeadM34Steam ship agentCaernarvonPwllheli  
Jane GriffithWifeM35 MerionethAberdovey  
R A GriffithSon 4 MerionethAberdovey  
Fanny L GriffithDau 2 MerionethAberdovey  
number unused on sheet        
1331 Bath Place  
Eliza GreenWifeWid81GroceryRutlandMarket Harborough  
Eliza J RowlandsRelativeS12 MerionethAberdovey  
number unused on sheet        
1352 Bath Place  
David GriffithHeadM41MasonMontWelshpool  
Ellen GriffithWifeM40 MerionethAberdovey  
David J GriffithSonS3 MerionethAberdovey  
1363 Bath Place  
Margeret RichardsWifeM49 MonmouthNewport  
Thomas RichardsSonS21Joiner carpMerionethAberdovey  
John E RichardsSonS16Joiner apprenticeMerionethAberdovey  
137Plas Dovey  
John P LewisHeadM37BuilderMerionethTowyn  
Tryphena LewisWifeM37 MerionethAberdovey  
Kattie M LewisDauS14 MerionethAberdovey  
Lizzie L LewisDauS13 MerionethAberdovey  
Buddyg G LewisDau 1 MerionethAberdovey  
Cathrine JonesMotherWid71Living on own meansMerionethAberdovey  
Sarah SpoonleyServantS19Domestic servantMerionethAberdovey  
1386 Bath Place  
Evan DaviesHeadM57FarmerMerionethTowyn  
Elizabeth DaviesWifeM58 MerionethTowyn  
Evan DaviesSonS32General merchantMerionethTowyn  
Rhys DaviesSonS26CarrierMerionethTowynRG13/5190/37/15 
Margeret DaviesDauS16 MontMachynlleth  
1397 Bath Place  
Ellis PughHeadM44BookmakerMerionethDyffryn  
Mary PughWifeM50 MerionethBarmouth  
number unused on sheet        
number unused on sheet        
1422 Brynlyfryd  
John PughHeadM48FarmerMerionethAberdovey  
Mary PughWifeM34 MerionethAberdovey  
1433 Brynlyfryd  
George DaviesHeadM24Plumber GasfitterShropshireOswestry  
Emily J DaviesWifeM25 MontgomeryWelshpool  
1444 Brynlyfryd  
Jane O'NiellWifeWid64 DenbighLlanrhaiyder Mochnant  
Matilda L P NiellDauS29Infant mistressMerionethAberdovey  
Llewellyn T LewisGSonS21SeamanMerionethAberdovey  
1454 Brynlyfryd  
Henry JonesHeadM50MasonMerionethAberdovey  
Elizabeth JonesWifeM48 MerionethTowyn  
Elizabeth JonesDauS28 MerionethTowyn  
Francis JonesSonS14 MerionethTowyn  
Sarah JonesDauS10 MerionethTowyn  
Cornelius JonesSonS8 MerionethTowyn  
Catherine JonesDauS6 MerionethAberdovey  
number unused on sheet        
1471 Glaudwr  
John LumleyHeadM43Railway foremanMerionethDovey Bridge  
Gwen LumleyWifeM43 MontDylifx  
Kate B LumleyDauS12 MerionethAberdovey  
Emrys LumleySonS11 MerionethAberdovey  
Ivor LumleySonS8 MerionethAberdovey  
Idris LumleySonS5 MerionethAberdovey  
Elizabeth LumleyVisitorM40 MontMachynlleth  
Florence M LumleyVisitorS13 United StatesUttca  
Lela Blodwen LumleyVisitorS11 United StatesUttca  
Elmer F LumleyVisitorS5 United StatesNorfolk Virginia;  
John R LumleyVisitor 1 United StatesNorfolk Virginia;  
Catherine LumleyVisitorS35MillenerMontMachynlleth  
1482 GlaudwrRG13/5190/37/16 
Mary I RobertsHeadWid42Boarding house keeperShropshireWellington  
Anne BowineMotherWid79 ShropshireRaddington  
Maud B RobertsDauS9 MerionethAberdovey  
Robert G RobertsSonS7 MerionethAberdovey  
Mildred TudorServantS20Servant domesticMontWelshpool  
number unused on sheet        
1504 Terrace Road  
Henry I HaylerHeadWid57CarpenterLondonMiddlesex  
Mary A HaylerMotherWid83 LondonMiddlesex  
1515 Terrace Road  
Herbert H ClaytonHeadM41Solicitors clerkShropshireShrewsbury  
Mary J ClaytonWifeM37 CardiganA'ystwith  
Walter H ClaytonSonS11 MerionethAberdovey  
Lucy E ClaytonDauS6 MerionethAberdovey  
Annie E ClaytonDau 1 MerionethAberdovey  
1526 Terrace Road  
Lewis HughesHeadM39Labourers ships ??MerionethAberdovey  
Christiana HughesWifeM39 MerionethAberdovey  
Charles L BurgessNephewS18 LondonPimlico  
1537 Terrace Road  
Richard GriffithHeadM59BlacksmithMerionethLlanegryn  
Martha GriffithWifeM57 MontMeifod  
Hugh GriffithSonS25BlacksmithMerionethAberdovey  
1548 Terrace Road  
Hugh WilliamsHeadM32General labourerMerionethTowyn  
Jane WilliamsWifeM28 MontLlanbrynmair  
Lizzie E WilliamsDau 1 MontLlanbrynmair  
Mary A WilliamsDau 3mth MerionethAberdovey  
number unused on sheet        
number unused on sheet        
1572 Cliffside  
John WilliamsHeadM36Mariner MasterMerionethAberdovey  
Maggie WilliamsWifeM27 MerionethVotty  
John M WilliamsSon 1 MerionethAberdovey  
Richard O WilliamsSon 6mth MerionethAberdovey  
number unused on sheet        
1594 Cliffside  
Margeret JenkinsHeadWid71 DenbighLlangollen  
Hugh LewisSon in lawM28Stone MasonMerionethTowyn  
Sarah M LewisDauM29 MerionethAberdovey  
16011+12 Mervinia Terr  
David JonesHeadM41Coxswain LifeboatMerionethAberdovey  
Catherine JonesWifeM35 GlamorganPorthcawl  
Evan JonesFather in lawWid74GardinerMontMachynllethRG13/5190/38/17 
Jane JamesLodgerWid70 CarmarthenCarmarthen  
16113 Mervinia Terr  
John HendriesHeadM30Monumental masonMerionethAberdovey  
Eliza HendriesWifeM26 WarwickHockley Heath  
Gertrude S HendriesDau 3 MerionethAberdovey  
Mary E HendriesDau 4mth MerionethAberdovey  
16214 Mervinia Terr  
Thomas EdwardsHeadM29PlatelayerMerionethAberdovey  
Emma I EdwardsWifeM28 CardiganEglwys fach  
Richard EdwardsSon 21 MerionethAberdovey  
Jane A EdwardsDau 1 MerionethAberdovey  
163Glanaber House  
Jane OwenHeadWid75Shop keeperMerionethAberdovey  
Ellen OwenDauS40 MerionethAberdovey  
Mary OwenDauS34 MerionethAberdovey  
number unused on sheet        
1651 Glanydon  
David LewisHeadM71CoalmerchantCardiganBorth  
Ellen LewisWifeM73 MerionethAberdoveyFeeblenees 
Mary LewisDauS35 MerionethAberdovey  
1662 Glanydon  
Anne HumphreysWifeWid64DomesticCardiganBorth  
167Carpenter Rest  
Roger LewisHeadWid85CarpenterCardiganLlansanffraid  
number unused on sheet        
16923 Terrace Road  
Edward JonesHeadM47BlacksmithMerionethTowyn  
Mary G JonesWifeM44 DevonPlymouth  
William G JonesSonS17BlacksmithMerionethAberdovey  
David E JonesSonS12 MerionethAberdovey  
Mary E JonesDauS14 MerionethAberdovey  
Annie L C JonesDauS9 MerionethAberdovey  
number unused on sheet        
171Peuhelig Arms  
William R MorrisHeadM29MarinerMerionethAberdovey  
M I MorrisWifeM28Hotel proprietressMerionethAberdovey  
J M MorrisDau 1wk MerionethAberdovey  
Sarah JonesRelativeS17 MerionethTowyn  
Ellen RobertsServantS13ServantMerionethTop Corris  
Gwen RusselNurseM55MidwifeMerionethDolgelley  
17228 Terrace RoadRG13/5190/38/18 
Henry GreenHeadM53PostmanLeicesterMarket Harborough  
Margeret GreenWifeM53 MontMachynlleth  
Mary Ann GreenDauS26Housemaid domesticMontMachynlleth  
Susan I GreenDauS24WaitressMerionethCorris  
John H GreenSonS21WaiterMerionethCorris  
Thomas GreenSonS19General labourerMerionethAberdovey  
Sarah A GreenDauS16 MerionethAberdovey  
Walter E GreenSonS14 MerionethAberdovey  
17329 Terrace Road  
Hugh P JonesHeadM40Joiner Signal fittersMerionethTowyn  
Catherine JonesWifeM40 MerionethDolgelley  
Elizabeth J JonesDauS17Servant domesticMerionethTowyn  
Winifred A JonesDauS15 MerionethAberdovey  
John R JonesSonS13 MerionethAberdovey  
David A JonesSonS11 MerionethAberdovey  
Margeret E JonesDauS9 MerionethAberdovey  
Richard E JonesSonS7 MerionethAberdovey  
Catherine M JonesDau 3 MerionethAberdovey  
17430 Terrace Road  
James A PriceHeadM39Per Way inspectorMontWelshpool  
Martha PriceWifeM35 MontNewtown  
Alfred E PriceSonS13 US America   
Albertina PriceDauS12 US America   
Francis A PriceSonS9 MontCaersws  
George V PriceSonS8 MontCaersws  
Mary W PriceDauS7 MontCaersws  
Llewelyn P PriceSon 3 MontCaersws  
Thomas E PriceSon 2 MerionethAberdovey  
James N PriceSon 2mth MerionethAberdovey  
17531 Terrace Road  
Edward DaviesHeadM43Sewing machine agentMontMachynlleth  
Margeret C DaviesWifeM41 DenbighCorwen  
Anne J DaviesDauS12 MontMachynlleth  
Catherine DaviesDauS10 MontMachynlleth  
Hatty DaviesDau 1 MerionethAberdoveyRG13/5190/39/19 
Ann S WrightLodgerS39SeamstressWarwickBirmingham  
number unused on sheet        
17733 Terrace Road  
Daniel EvansHeadM58Agricultural labourerMerionethTowyn  
Elizabeth EvansWifeM60 MerionethTowyn  
John EvansSonS33JoinerMerionethTowyn  
Hugh H EvansSonM27Railway porterMerionethTowyn  
17834 Terrace Road  
Morris DaviesHeadM63MasonMerionethPennal  
Anne DaviesWifeM64 MontMachynlleth  
17935 Terrace Road  
Humphrey GriffithsHeadWid66Farm labourerMerionethAberdovey  
Mary GriffithsDauS34 MerionethAberdovey  
Richard GriffithsSonS29LabourerMerionethAberdovey  
Morris J WilliamsNephewS17CarpenterMerionethBarmouth  
18036 Terrace Road  
Richard RobertsHeadM61Grocer Shop keeperAngleseaLlangeinwen  
Anne RobertsWifeM56 MerionethAberdovey  
Elizabeth RobertsDauS32 MerionethAberdovey  
number unused on sheet        
1823 Nantiesin  
Mary ReesWifeM38 MerionethAberdovey  
Annie ReesDauS12 MerionethAberdovey  
Llewelyn ReesSonS6 MerionethAberdovey  
1834 Nantiesin  
Jannie JonesWifeM40 MerionethPennal  
Gwladus Th JonesDauS20 EnglandLondon  
John W ClaytonBoarderS33FishermanYorkshireSheffield  
1845 Nantiesin  
Thomas MarshallHeadM71Rabbit killer dealerStaffordElford  
Ann MarshallWifeM74 StaffordWicheror  
1856 Nantiesin  
Richard WoosnamHeadM35PlatelayerMontDerwenlas  
Margaret WoosnamWifeM34 MerionethCorris  
Elizabeth M WoosnamDauS10 MerionethAberdovey  
William A WoosnamSon 2 MerionethAberdovey  
1867 Nantiesin  
George E BainesHeadM27GardenerMerionethTowyn  
Phoebe BainesWifeM32 WarwickSparck Hill  
John E BainesSon 2 MerionethAberdovey  
Phoebe M BainesDau 9mth MerionethAberdovey  
1878 NantiesinRG13/5190/39/20 
Thomas OwenHeadWid60RockmanMerionethLlanegryn  
Thomas J OwenGSonS11 MerionethPennal  
1889 Nantiesin  
Thomas DaviesHeadM76Living on own accountDenbighLlangethlan  
Mary Spiers DaviesWifeM67 BermondseySt Johns;  
18911 Nantiesin  
Elizabeth WilliamsWifeM30 PembrokeSt Dogmaels  
Zoe WilliamsDauS4 MerionethAberdovey  
19012 Nantiesin  
Lewis JonesHeadM30LabourerMerionethAberdovey  
Margeret JonesWifeM29 MerionethAberdovey  
David L JonesSonS5 MerionethAberdovey  
John H JonesSon 3 MerionethAberdovey  
Margeret J JonesDau 1 MerionethAberdovey  
19113 Nantiesin  
David DaviesHeadM53Master marinerCardiganBorth  
Margeret DaviesWifeM51 MerionethTowyn  
19214 Nantiesin  
William MorrisHeadM28Railway signal fittersMerionethDolgelley or Poumanpoth  
Mary E MorrisWifeM31 DenbighSt Asaph  
George P MorrisSon 15mthCook domesticMerionethAberdovey  
193The Vicarage  
John RowlandsHeadM64Clergy CofEMontLlangwieg  
Frances A RowlandsWifeM56 CheshireChester  
Margeret J EdwardsServantS25Cook domesticMerionethAberdovey  
Annie ProctorServantS19Housemaid ?? domesticMontgomeryLlanfair Caereinon  
194Penhelig House  
Harriet HaynesVisitorS48 BedfordBedford  
Elizabeth OwenServantS24General domesticMerionethPennal  
Thomas M RhysHeadM38Insurance agaentMerionethPennal  
Ellen RhysWifeM38 MerionethHarlech  
Hywel RhysSonS7 MerionethAberdovey  
Ann G RhysDauS6 MerionethAberdovey  
196Uay Bank  
Sarah EllisHeadWid54 MontWelshpool  
Jane RobertsServantS26Housemaid domesticMerionethDyffryn  
1975 Peuhelig  
David PughHeadS35PlatelayerMerionethAberdovey  
Mary PughSisterS29 MerionethAberdovey  
1986 PeuheligRG13/5190/40/21 
Hugh JonesHeadM52ShoemakerMerionethAberdovey  
Margeret J JonesWifeM41 CardiganLlanon  
Catherine JonesDauS15 MerionethAberdovey  
John JonesSonS12 MerionethAberdovey  
1997 Peuhelig  
David ReesHeadM43Engineer marineMerionethAberdovey  
Jane ReesWifeM44 MerionethAberdovey  
2008 Peuhelig  
Thomas RowlandsHeadM40JoinerCardiganAberystwith  
Sarah J RowlandsWifeM36 MerionethAberdovey  
Charles RowlandsSonS13 MerionethAberdovey  
Sarah A RowlandsDauS10 MerionethAberdovey  
Thomas RowlandsSonS7 MerionethAberdovey  
Edith E RowlandsDau 3 MerionethAberdovey  
2019+10 Peuhelig  
Edward WilliamsHeadM49PainterMontMachynlleth  
Emma WilliamsWifeM46 LancashireMarket Harborough  
William WilliamsSonS19PainterMerionethAberdovey  
Sarah WilliamsDauS15 MerionethAberdovey  
John G WilliamsSonS13 MerionethAberdovey  
Edward WilliamsSonS11 MerionethAberdovey  
Henry WilliamsSonS8 MerionethAberdovey  
Arthur WilliamsSon 5 MerionethAberdovey  
Maglon WilliamsDau 5 MerionethAberdovey  
Evan M WilliamsSon 3 MerionethAberdovey  
20211 Peuhelig  
Jane ReesHeadWid80PensionedMontMachynlleth  
20312 Peuhelig  
John LloydHeadM44Labourer in ship yardCardiganAberystwith  
Elizabeth LloydWifeM42 MontMachynlleth  
Hannah LloydDauS13 MerionethAberdovey  
John W LloydSonS11 MerionethAberdovey  
Margeret A LloydDauS7 MerionethAberdovey  
Oswell LloydSon 3 MerionethAberdovey  
Emma S LloydDau 10mth MerionethAberdovey  
20413 PeuheligRG13/5190/40/22 
Thomas CottonHeadM57GardenerStaffordWhilma  
Mary A CottonWifeM56 WarwickSutton Coldfield  
Eliza JamesMother in lawWid75 WarwickSutton Coldfield  
20514 Peuhelig  
Edward JonesHeadM64Auctioneers clerkMerionethAberdovey  
Caroline JonesWifeM57 MontgomeryFordon  
Mary A JonesDauS30 MerionethAberdovey  
20615 Peuhelig  
Margeret WilliamsWifeWid72Living on own meansMontDerwenlas  
Eleanor WilliamsDauS33 MerionethAbedovey  
20716 Peuhelig  
Thomas W JonesHeadM42MarinerCarmarthenCarmarthen  
Annie S JonesWifeM38 MerionethAberdovey  
Jennetta JonesDauS11 MerionethAberdovey  
Mary R JonesDauS9 MerionethAberdovey  
20817 Peuhelig  
John JonesHeadM49Labourer generalMerionethTowyn  
Mary JonesWifeM53 CardiganGoginan  
Thomas JonesSonS23 MerionethPennal  
John JonesSonS15 MerionethAberdovey  
Henry F B S JonesGSon 1 MerionethAberdovey  
20918 Peuhelig  
Margeret SpencerWifeWid46LaundressMontLlanfair  
Arthur SpencerSonS16CarpenterLancashireManchester  
21020 Peuhelig  
Thomas J WatsonHeadM44Assurance agentYorkshireDoncaster  
Elizabeth WatsonWifeM43 MerionethAberdovey  
Fanny WatsonDauS14 MerionethAberdovey  
Ellen C WatsonDauS12 MerionethAberdovey  
Hugh E WatsonSonS8 MerionethAberdovey  
Alice E WatsonDau 4 MerionethAberdovey  
number unused on sheet        
212Police Station  
Thomas W EdwardsHeadM42 DenbighTregeiriog  
Jane A EdwardsWifeM38 CheshireKelsall  
Grace M EdwardsDauS9 MerionethLlandrillo  
David J EdwardsSon 3 MerionethLlwyngwril  
David EvansHeadM60SolicitorMontgomeryMachynlleth  
Catherine CristopherNe in lawS28General servantMonmouthNewport  
Cissie Sankey WilliamsVisitorS20General servantLancashireManchesterRG13/5190/41/23 
number unused on sheet        
215Penhelig Terr  
John NicholasHeadM64Trinity PilotMonmouthNewport  
Jane E NicholasWifeM58 Isle of ManCastletown  
Margeret K NicholasDauS30 MerionethAberdovey  
Agnes W NicholasDauS16 MerionethAberdovey  
Violet M JohnVisitorS7 GlamorganBarry  
216Penhelig Terr  
Martha WardmanHeadS45Lodging house keeperYorkshireBingley  
Jane RichardsServantS29Housemaid domesticMerionethDolgelley  
217Penhelig Terr  
Morwenna WilliamsHeadS24Lodging house keeperCaernarvonNantle  
May WilliamsSisterS18 CaernarvonBedgelert  
Emma I MartinGreat AuntS82 CornwallCollington  
Gwen RobertsServantS21General servantMerionethDyffryn  
218Penhelig Terr  
Jules Van HoveHeadM40HairdresserFranceLeers toid  
Marie Van HoveWifeM36 Belgium   
Joseph Van HoveSonS11 IrelandLimerick  
Aline Van HoveDauS9 Liverpool   
Charly Van HoveSonS6 Liverpool   
Blanche Van HoveDau 4 LiverpoolHayton  
Louies Van HoveSon 6mth MerionethAberdovey  
number unused on sheet        
220Penhelig Terr  
John WilliamsHeadM54Retired masonDenbighLlangollen  
Jane WilliamsWifeM58 MerionethBala  
221Penhelig Terr  
Frances SherwoodHeadWid68Living on own meansWarwickBirmingham  
Louisa E LeechServantS31Housemaid domesticStaffordHandsworth  
22215 Sea View Terr  
Ellen RichardsHeadWid63 CheshireBirkenhead  
John W RichardsSonS37Retired solicitorCheshireBirkenhead  
2234 Brynhyfryd  
Alfred L BozmanBoarderM37SchoolmasterLancashireLiverpool  
Mary L BozmanWifeM35 LancashireLiverpool  
2241 Glandwr  
William D EvansBoarderS35Congregational ministerLancashireLiverpool  
2252 Glandwr  
Stephen EvansVisitorS37 CardiganLledrod