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C e n s u s - 1 9 0 1 - T o w y n / P e n n a l

C E N S U S    O F    E N G L A N D    A N D    W A L E S    1 9 0 1
Registration District MachynllethEnumeration District 7
Registration Sub-district TowynName of Enumerator, Mr William Jones
1. Civil ParishTowyn (part of)
2. Eccl ParishAberdovey St Cadvan (part of)
3. County BoroTowyn (part of)
4. Wards of BoroRural Ward (part of)
5. Rural Dist 
6. Parl BoroCounty of Merioneth (part of)
7. Town or VillRural
BOUNDARY of Enumeration District
All the Township of Dauddyffryn.
CONTENTS of Enumeration District
  The whole of the Township of Dauddyffryn wich includes Fronheulog
Iynycornel, Nantycynog Dysyrnant, Gwyddgwion, Dyffryn, Rhowniar
and old Toll House, also Leahurst and Enamel Works Cottage on the western
side of the Turnpike or Main Road


Road, Street
Relation to Head
AgeOccupationWhere bornRef
Year / Piece /
  Folio / Page
1Dyffyn FarmRG13/5190/46/1 
Evan JamesHeadM60FarmerCardiganSguboryered  
Jane JamesWifeM40Farmers wifeMerionethTowyn  
Elizabeth JamesDauS22Farmers DauMerionethTowyn  
Catherine Jane JamesDauS8Farmers DauMerionethTowyn  
William JamesNephewS23WaggonerMerionethTowyn  
Richard EvansServantS55Gen farm labourerMontgomeryLlanfihangel y Pennant  
Stephen OwenServantS21Carter on farmMerionethPennal  
Hannah Jane EllisServantS16ServantMerionethTowyn  
2Llanerchllin Farm  
Margaret JonesHeadWid50FarmerMontgomeryAberangell  
Maggie JonesDauS23Farmers DauMerionethTowyn  
William JonesSonS20Farmers sonMerionethTowyn  
Annie JonesDauS17Farmers DauMerionethTowyn  
William PughGSonS9ScholarMerionethTowyn  
3Rhowniar Farm  
John MasonHeadM59FarmerCardiganTalybont  
Martha MasonWifeM46 CardiganLlangeitho  
Hugh MasonSonS22Farmers sonCardiganTalybont  
Anna Maria MasonDauS18Scholar Birmingham  
John Morgan MasonGSonS23Jewellers assistantCardiganLlangeitho  
Charlotte Ann MasonServantS16Domestic servantMerionethTowyn  
 Macthlon Chapel House  
4Baelhle FarmRG13/5190/46/2 
Meredith JonesHeadM51FarmerMontgomeryLlanwinio  
Catherine Jane JonesWifeM40 GlamorganBlaman  
Thomas JonesSonS9 MerionethTowyn  
Peter William JonesSon 7 MerionethTowyn  
Hugh Trevor JonesSon 4 MerionethTowyn  
Mary Myfanwy JonesDau 2 MerionethTowyn  
Catherine Ceudwen JonesDau 9mth MerionethTowyn  
Daniel WilliamsServantS23CarterCardiganBlaenpenal  
Phiylip LewisServantS25Cow feederMontgomeryCarno  
Mary JonesServantS24Servant domesticMerionethMarthog  
Myfanwy Gwladys JonesServantS14Nurse domesticGlamorganAbertillery  
5Riverslea Private House  
Catherine JonesHeadWid55Living on own meansMerionethLlanderfel  
Lizzie Ann JonesDauS28 MerionethLlanegryn  
Sarah JonesDauS26 MerionethLlanegryn  
Richd Robt JonesSonS25Drapers assistantMerionethBarmouth  
Maggie Catherine JonesDauS22 MerionethBarmouth  
Laura JonesDauS18ScholarMerionethBarmouth  
Morris JonesSonS13ScholarMerionethTowyn  
William JonesSonS11ScholarMerionethTowyn  
6Bralag Mill Cottage  
William JonesHeadWid65Roadman labourerMerionethTowyn  
Anne JonesDauS19Gen servant domesticMerionethTowyn  
Ellen JonesDauS18Servant domesticMerionethTowyn  
Maggie Jane JonesGDauS5ScholarMerionethTowyn  
David John JonesGSonS3mth MerionethTowyn  
7Turnpike Cottage
or Toll House
Sarah LeekHeadWid80A small shop keeperSalopBetson  
Martha DaviesGDauS12ScholarMerionethTowyn  
8Botalog HallRG13/5190/47/3 
James Donner WalkerHeadM43Domestic gardener caretakerSalopBridgenorth  
Martha WalkerWifeM38Cook domesticSalopStapleton  
9Erupotthor Farm  
David JonesHeadM43FarmerMerionethAberdovey  
Margaret JonesWifeM41 CardiganLlangweryfon  
David JonesSonS18Student at collegeCardiganLlangweryfon  
Elizabeth JonesDauS17Asssist farm workMerionethAberfyrulwyn  
Annie JonesDauS15Asssist farm workMerionethAberfyrulwyn  
Henry JonesSonS13ScholarMerionethAberfyrulwyn  
William WilliamsServantS70Cowman on farmCaernarvonLlanbedrog  
10Fronheulog Farm  
Evan OwensHeadM48FarmerMerionethDolgelley  
Mary OwensWifeM46 MontgomeryWelshpool  
Owen OwensSonS18Farmers sonMerionethTowyn  
Sarah May OwensDauS14Farmers dauMerionethTowyn  
Sasannah OwensDauS14Farmers dauMerionethTowyn  
George OwensSonS10 MerionethTowyn  
Evan OwensSonS7 MerionethTowyn  
Ellen OwensDauS5 MerionethTowyn  
David OwensSonS1 MerionethTowyn  
11Pantyrowen Farm  
John JonesHeadM51FarmerMerionethTowyn  
Ann JonesWifeM55 MerionethTowyn  
Lewis JonesSonS15Farmers sonMerionethTowyn  
Silvanus JonesSonS12ScholarMerionethTowyn  
12Tynycornel Farm  
Griffith EllisHeadM48Farmer & roadmanMerionethTowyn  
Susannah EllisWifeM48 MerionethTowyn  
Ellen EllisDauS15Servant domesticMerionethTowyn  
John Meredith EllisSonS13 MerionethTowyn  
Robert EllisSonS10 MerionethTowyn  
Mary EllisDauS7 MerionethTowyn  
13Nantycynog FarmRG13/5190/47/4 
William JonesHeadM41FarmerMerionethDolgelley  
Margaret JonesWifeM44 MontgomeryLlanwrin  
Thomas JonesSonS13ScholarMerionethTowyn  
Maggie JonesDauS11ScholarMerionethTowyn  
Nellie JonesDauS6 MerionethTowyn  
Mary JonesDauS4 MerionethTowyn  
John MorganHeadM68ShepherdCardiganLlanbedr  
Susannah MorganWifeM29 CardiganLlanafan  
David MorganSonS4 MerionethTowyn  
Annie MorganDauS2 MerionethTowyn  
15Gwyddgwion Farm  
Robert OwenHeadM68FarmerMerionethFfestiniog  
Margaret OwenWifeM68House wifeMerionethLlandecwyn  
Edmund OwenSonS36HedgerMerionethLlanegryn  
Margaret OwenDauS34Milk maidMerionethLlanegryn  
Laura EvansDauM32On a visitMerionethLlanegryn  
Gwenne OwenGDauS10 MerionethTowyn  
Gwladys OwenGDauS1 London   
Hugh Pugh EllisServantS17Cattle feederMerionethTowyn  
Humphrey OwenSonS27Waggoner on farmMerionethLlanegryn  
16Bryndinas Farm  
John VaughanHeadS47FarmerMerionethTowyn  
John JonesServantS27Cattle feeder on farmMontgomeryCemmes  
Mary Anne EvansServantS42Servant domesticMontgomeryDarowen  
Edw RobertsHeadM45FarmerMerionethTowyn  
Mrs. RobertsWifeM42Farmers wifeMerionethTowyn  
Miss. RobertsDauS21Farmers DauMerionethTowyn  
Annie M RobertsDauS16Farmers DauMontgomeryCemmes  
Lizzie M RobertsDauS12Farmers DauMontgomeryCemmes  
Mary L RobertsDauS6at schoolMerionethBala  
Edith M RobertsDauS2at schoolMerionethTowyn  
George R HughesServantS31Farm servantDenbighPentrefaelas  
Llewelyn HughesServantS26Farm servantMerionethLlugugown  
18Bryndones Farm  
Hugh EvansHeadM54FarmerMerionethLlanober  
Elizabeth EvansWifeM52 AmericaBritish Subject  
Hugh EvansSonS19Farmers sonMerionethColyiun  
Robert EvansSonS14Intermediate schoolMerionethColyiun  
Bertie Pugh DaviesGDauS6Day school London  
David Lloyd JonesServantS19General farm servMerionethTowyn  
William JonesServantWid71General farm servMerionethLlanfihangel  
Elizabeth DaviesServantS17Domestic servantMerionethHarlech  
Evan EdwardsHeadM34FarmerMontgomeryLlanwrin  
Anne EdwardsWifeM31Farmers wifeMerionethPennal  
David EdwardsSonS6 MerionethCorris  
Jane EdwardsDauS3 MerionethTowyn  
John EdwardsSonS10mth MerionethTowyn  
Hugh EvansServantWid65Cattle feederMerionethTowyn  
20Dysyrnant farm  
Humphrey Morgan VaughanHeadM39Farmer jointlyMerionethTowyn  
Mary VaughanWifeM27     
Richard VaughanSonS3     
Davis VaughanBrotherS42Farmer jointly    
Griffith PughServantS19Cattle feeder    
Kate Ellen JonesServantS15Servant domestic